Post-Summer: Reflecting on Must-Have Faves

Fellow moms, do you have specific product favorites that you use during the summer that you want others to know about because you have had a great experience with and think others could benefit from? I was thinking the other day, what were my key faves that were important for my summer, and even other times in the year. I don't typically write posts about products on my blog site; however, when there are some that I can't stop talking about I feel it's important to share with my readers, I do. Some of my favorites are not necessarily seasonal....more

Instilling Healthy Hygiene Habits (Study)

How many times do we have to tell our kids to wash their hands?...more

ADHD Awareness Week / New ADHD Guidelines

It's ADHD Awareness Week (October 16 - 22).    Here is some news to share. First, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) announced on Sunday new ADHD Guidelines encouraging that children be evaluated as young as age 4 and up to age 18.  Further, The ADHD Awareness Coalition has revealed survey results from their members to identify insights that may be of interest to you as either an adult with ADHD or parent of a ...more

Parents of Kids K-12 with Asthma - CONTEST REMINDER

There are two days remaining to sign up to win a $2,500 savings bond for your K-12 child with asthma and a $5,000 grant for their schools to help improve asthma care and prevention.   More details about the contest and how you can sign up, check out my blog link at   ...more

Parents of Kids with Asthma - CONTEST

Through my job in public relations covering healthcare topics of various kinds, I often have an opportunity to share valuable information that will be helpful to my friends, family, and fellow bloggers who are parents, guardians, teachers, school administrators, etc. Therefore, I would like to tell you about an education program about asthma, specifically as it relates to children, just recently announced, that I have written about on my blog Mommy’s Point of View. ...more

Happy Father's Day and with Good Cause

With Father's Day soon approaching, I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge all the dad's in the world, especially the incredibly special men in my life.This time of year also tends to be somewhat somber for me as well as I lost my father well over a decade ago to a blood-related cancer.I can't believe how much time has passed and how much my life has changed since.Also, within the year of my father's death, another supportive and loving man in my life, who also means very much to me, my step-father, was diagnosed with a blood cancer too....more

Cleaning House: Green and Non-Toxic

This is my week to praise products I have been so incredibly happy with. And, no, I have not been paid by any company to write this blog post. I am truly a happy customer wanting to share my experience to help you.It's also time for another mommy admission.I am not a clean freak. (Sorry Mom....more

Toddler Loving Kickboard USA Mini Scooter

There are many toys on the market for children that are not one size fits all. Some kids have longer legs than average while others have longer torsos. And, some products are not labeled correctly as to who the product is really best suited for.In my case, my daughter Sarah has some ride on toys that are just not ready for her to ride yet despite the packaging saying she is well over the age limit to start....more

Kids and Adults Who Learn Differently Can Still Prosper

Being a parent is a tough job. Parenting a child with a learning disability makes it even tougher. Then, imagine what it would be like for the child living with the learning disability to cope and for the parent to also have the strength and courage to help them thrive and succeed.For all involved, coping with the reality of a learning disability can be somewhat challenging....more