A Kinder, More Gentle Way to Say “I’m 42 Years Old”

This year I decided I'm not turning 42 years old. I'm not rewinding or stopping the clock either. I'm simply taking a different approach to this midlife mark....more

My Excitement to See the New ANNIE Movie & Escape Police Brutality News #AnnieMovie

One definite activity I've put on the family calendar for Christmas Break  is taking A.J. to see the new Annie movie starring Oscar nominated actress Quvenzhané Wallise and Oscar winner Jamie Foxx. This 2014/2015 spin on the book and Broadway play will probably be the only version of Annie A.J. will ever know and I couldn't be happier about it. It stars a brown-skinned girl just like him with big hair and a beautiful smile as Annie  - played by Wallise. ...more