Facebook: It's Like Good Sex With A Bad Guy

I've been thinking about breaking up with Facebook again. I did it last year and I came back. ...more

The Gratitude Box

I've always stressed to my children how important it is to say "please" and "thank you". Fortunately, it is something that they never forget. I notice it all the time for even the smallest things. I love that. Today while we were having lunch, I told my three youngest children that we were going to have a new family project: The Gratitude Box. "No spelling bee anymore??" asked Mya. Yes, I'm the corny Mom who has spelling bees with her children instead of sitting in front of the television wasting brain cells. ...more

For the love of an extra 10 pounds....

I've gained 10 lbs since I've had two knee surgeries in 6 months. It's not because I'm sitting around eating bon-bons. I suppose I have to blame it on inactivity which is driving me absolutely nuts. I think I'm venting here. ...more

School's Almost Out...Camp Mommy is soon to open

Thirteen more days until school is out for the summer. I still have three children at home and that means Camp Mommy will open in a few short weeks. Endless piles of wet towels, crumpled up bathingsuits in a soggy pile in the hamper, children as thirsty as camels and an exploding summer food budget. Sounds like Camp Paradise to me! ...more

My Life According to Candles....

I'm a self professed candle addict and I can't walk by a candle store without going in to take a look. Who am I kidding? I never just look. I always need one more candle that makes my home smell like I just baked an apple pie.  With all the candle scents that have been created, I thought about coming up with my own. Not sure if there'd be any best sellers in there but we all can't have a candle called "Paradise" burning all the time. ...more

Walkers, Crutches and Canes...Oh My....

Today I got a new addition to my massive stash of orthopedic devices. A cane. A CANE?? I'm just 9 days shy of turning 45 and I've got myself a good old geriatric cane. Oh joy. In November 2007, I had my first of two knee surgeries after a car accident left my knee in disrepair. I've spent the last 6 months on crutches and in a variety of braces ranging from a full leg hellish-contraption to my current sleek German engineered brace. It might be engineered as well as a BMW but it sure doesn't make me move that fast. It just helps my knee from going where it shouldn't. ...more

Hi there!

Hello! I'm new to this site and found it when I began posting blogher ads on my blog site. What a great place to come and read what other women are writing!!! I'm a single mom of 5, divorced 6 years. Life is filled with alot of laughs (except for the fact that I have been on crutches for the past 6 mos after two knee surgeries!!) and I've always got a story. Hard not to raising five children! ...more


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The Not So Simple Life of a Mom on Crutches

I've always had a sense of humor but lately I've been working a little harder at finding it. My left knee was reconstructed in November 2007 following an auto accident. As an active single mom of five children, I just assumed I'd bounce back quickly and I'd be back to life as I knew it. ...more