I'm Amazed

  Yesterday was a really crazy day.  My 8 yr old came down with the flu.  Just in time for my annual.  When he gets sick, he doesn't understand and he gets very agitated.  His sensory processing is all mixed up so he gets very frustrated when that feeling comes and he panics.  He runs around..flaps his arms and calls out for anyone whom he thinks can make that feeling go away.   When he finally does throw up..it is never in the bathroom. ...more


I am the mom of three teenaged boys (as well as three younger children)  It is the teenagers that are killing me though.  The girlfriends, oh the girlfriends.  I thought this time would never come.  Nick is 17 and has his first serious girlfriend, I was hoping Alec would wait til he was 17 too, or at least 16, heck even 15, but noooooooooooooo he's 14 and his girlfriend is his number one priority.  If he is not with her, then he's on msn with her and if he's not on msn he's texting her.  It's driving us crazy.  Nick is not so obsessed and gets his homework done, goes out ...more

My eyes have been opened

I just got off the phone with the public health nurse. On Wed. I went to the wellness clinic that was being held at the playgroup we go to. I spoke with a nurse and a behaviour specialist about our youngest one's sleep problems. She still gets up several times a night, screaming and is very difficult to settle. We have tried everything from letting her cry it out, to brining her into our bed. Nothing has worked. We took down her crib and put up a toddler bed and although she stays in her bed, she still cries and screams throughout the night. She is two years old. ...more