(SPOILERS) House, MD Is Larger Than Life

The January premiere of House, MD, found us watching as a man -- Jack Nash -- heroically saved a woman stuck in the throes of a seizure on the subway tracks (no one, I thought was interesting, asked how a woman having a seizure ended up there in the first place, but I digress). Nash collapses afterward, injuries unrelated to the train, deemed by the press "The Subway Hero." ...more

She was fantastic. I don't always love stunt-casting of mom characters. But she was a fabulous ...more

My Name Is Becky And I Am Not An Alcoholic

I am an adult child of two alcoholics, and although there are nifty acronyms used to refer to us, I prefer my real name: Becky. The Internet knows me as Aunt Becky and I blog over at a seemingly incongruently named site: “Mommy Wants Vodka.” Perhaps you have heard of me, mixed into articles about Diane Schuler, the lady who killed her kids, bashing me for being a Cocktail Mom....more