Happy Holidays?

When I was a wee one I counted down the days to my birthday and Christmas.  It was great that my birthday fell so close to Christmas on November 19th.  It was like I had a whole gift season.  Not to mention I was the only child in my family (not counting some very distant cousins), can you imagine the gifts?  Thanksgiving was great too, my aunt and uncle would drive up from Pennsylvania and we'd all spend the days together....those were the good old days. ...more

I grew up in a family that didn't do a holiday gathering THING. My parents lived both far ...more

I've lost my MOJO!

  So what happens after you finally start to pick up some momentum on your blog?  You finally start getting views in the double digits every day.  You begin getting more comments.  You're getting some pretty nice compliments on your blog - and then it happens.  It all comes crashing down, and all of a sudden too!  Your number of followers may start to drop, or site hits plummet.  That's when you know you've lost your mojo. ...more

I used to be really caught up in the statcounter numbers, then in feedburner.  Now I ...more

The Picky Follower

  I've been blogging for almost a month, and during that time I have done quite a bit of research on the components of a successful blog.  Along the way I stubled across a new trend that's swept the blogosphere - "Follow me and I'll follow you." ...more

I try to avoind "Friend Collectors" as I call them.  They are on Facebook, Twitter, and ...more

Blogging is Hard

  I started blogging some time in July of this year.  At first my curiosity for blogging was piqued by this rumor going around that there is money to be made blogging.  Then as I began pursuing my writing career it also ocurred to me that blogging might be a good way for me to practice, as well as market myself and build a following.  That might come in handy soem day when I finally publish my book right? ...more


Hi. I'm also new to writing in the electronic world rather than the glossy ...more

Can I call time out?

  So I have publicly vowed here on BlogHer on more than one occasion that I would be eating organic for health, going green (first by recycling), and amping up my non-existent fitness regimen.  I'll let you all in on a secret - I'm batting 1 out of 3.  That's not so bad right? ...more

Mercury in Fish

  Two things are certain: I want to live a long, healthy life; and I want my husband and son to do the same.  In hopes of accomplishing this goal I have read enough information on nutrition to qualify me for a certification somewhere I'm sure.  But the problem with reasearch is this - you will always come across conflicting information. ...more

It's just not fair!

I have just realized how unfair life is for my little one.   Last week I ordered a few kitchen staples to last until we went grocery shopping.  On the list was 2 packages of 4 Cinammon Coffee Cake Muffins.  Mmmmm, just thinking about them makes me want to stop writing this blog & go get one.  ...more

Part Organic Traveling

  This Monday morning that just passed I boarded my 9:10 train to come home from Virginia.  The whole week and a half that I was gone I had almost thrown in the towel completely on whatever healthy eating goals I had set in place.  I had eaten fried chicken, more chocolate chip cookies than I should probably eat in a month, ice cream, chips, and maybe a whole day's servings of fruits & vegetables (but who's counting?).  I mean.....what's a vacation if it's spent reading nutrition labels right??  Well........at least that's what I'm telling myself.  On future vacations maybe I'l ...more

Sleepy Binge

  How am I supposed to eat healthy ALL the time??  Whata bout when I'm too tired and all the quick options are junk options?  Is there any way I can just "make up" for it?   ...more

Exhausted......greenie out of gas

  I have no energy left to be part organic, light green, fit, or anything else today - except hopefully witty and charming in this post.  As I type this blog with one hand my eyelids each feel like they weigh a ton.  And my 21lb bundle of hapiness and joy feels to weigh 4 tons as i nurse him in my other hand & he drains the life out of me.     So........if I didn't know already, I NEED TO GET MORE SLEEP.  That's the only way I will be able to be effectively green, organic, or fit.    ...more