The Self-ie Thing Is Going Too Far!

I’ll admit that back in the day, I used to take pictures of myself with my SLR camera. Arms stretched out front, big smile….then wait until the film got developed to see how much of my big head got cut off and how much background was or was not included....more

Ahmed Mohammed: Another Black Boy Guilty Until Proven Guilty

This morning, I read the story of Ahmed Mohamed and his clock that he took to school and was arrested for suspicion of making a bomb and it's been bothering me all day. I can imagine that he packed this clock that he built all by himself carefully and was full of pride and boasting as he showed his science teacher how he had figured out the gears and wires all by himself....more
Leslie@TheFlownCoop you're right - the situation is different - but at the heart of it, it's the ...more

You Don't Have the Right to Serve My Kid Alcohol

Four young guys, high school students and month-ago graduates, were involved in a terrible car accident in which two of them died and one of them remains in the hospital. Alcohol was found in the car and at the party which they left. ...more
to  Funny...We don't think someone is ready at 18 to make responsible decisions about ...more

Forget the Sugary Drinks - Pass These Laws to Make Parenting Easier

The other day, I saw yet another bill being proffered so that parents don't have to do their job.  The Healthy Kids' Meal Bill would require that restaurants offer water, juice or milk as the beverage with a kids' meal. Why? Yes, because it's healthier than, say lemonade or a soda. But, also, because parents don't want to be the bad guys on this.  Really?...more

Calendar To-Do System - Getting Stuff Done by Date

Ah- the  ever-present, never-ending to-do list.  Whether scribbled on designed, organizing sheets or typed into a smartphone app – but do we ever ever check everything off?  And then there’s the pile of papers to go along with it. If you’re a parent, this may be dominated by permission forms, tests, progress reports and volunteer forms to sign and return, presumably before the deadline. Then there's the sale you missed, the coupon that expired....more

Sorry, Kids. Dress codes are a part of life.

Imagine you walked into your doctor's office and he had on gym shorts and a tank top. You may all the sudden feel well after all and cancel your appointment.  On your way to work, you stop by the bank and the teller has 15 earrings in various holes in her head, a sheer blouse with a red polka-dot bra underneath and a leather mini-skirt. You might wonder if your cashed check was coming back to you in a stack of ones. When you get to work, the receptionist is wearing a bandana around his bicep and a t-shirt with questionable language printed in big letters....more

Where Are the Brown Girls in Teen/YA Books?

I went to the 2014 National Book Festival with two of my daughters.  Elle, a high schooler, is the voracious reader of the family.  Often times, before any of the rest of us can finish reading – or even begin to read – a book that we’ve checked out of the library or bought at the bookstore, she has “borrowed” and finished the book, then handed it back with a quick review.  No book is safe in her arm’s reach (and she has long arms.)  Nat came along, too; still in elementary school, she reads when and if she feels like it. ...more
yes and yes.  #WeNeedDiverseBooks! in most Ya novels I've read the black kid is usually the ...more

Angel or Not - Who Deserves to Be Shot?

I wasn't really going to say much on the Michael Brown shooting that occurred in Ferguson, Mo. a few weeks ago.  There's so much going on and everybody's got an opinion, mine would seem a small voice in the chorus.  But I just wanted to say this....more

Life Lessons from the Rainbow Loom

How's the new year been so far?  Hopefully, you've been successful in sticking with your New Year's resolutions.  Me? I'm looking around my house for what might be the next million dollar idea.  I'm inspired by my new bracelets, courtesy of my youngest daughter. ...more

Why You & I Are No Longer #Friends

Facebook is a funny cyber-world. We all go through some kind of thought process in “friend-ing” folks. Though every person’s criteria for clicking “accept” is different, there is some bar to be met....more