Where Are the Brown Girls in Teen/YA Books?

I went to the 2014 National Book Festival with two of my daughters.  Elle, a high schooler, is the voracious reader of the family.  Often times, before any of the rest of us can finish reading – or even begin to read – a book that we’ve checked out of the library or bought at the bookstore, she has “borrowed” and finished the book, then handed it back with a quick review.  No book is safe in her arm’s reach (and she has long arms.)  Nat came along, too; still in elementary school, she reads when and if she feels like it. ...more
yes and yes.  #WeNeedDiverseBooks! in most Ya novels I've read the black kid is usually the ...more

Angel or Not - Who Deserves to Be Shot?

I wasn't really going to say much on the Michael Brown shooting that occurred in Ferguson, Mo. a few weeks ago.  There's so much going on and everybody's got an opinion, mine would seem a small voice in the chorus.  But I just wanted to say this....more

Life Lessons from the Rainbow Loom

How's the new year been so far?  Hopefully, you've been successful in sticking with your New Year's resolutions.  Me? I'm looking around my house for what might be the next million dollar idea.  I'm inspired by my new bracelets, courtesy of my youngest daughter. ...more

Why You & I Are No Longer #Friends

Facebook is a funny cyber-world. We all go through some kind of thought process in “friend-ing” folks. Though every person’s criteria for clicking “accept” is different, there is some bar to be met....more

Is It Okay to Set Rules on How I Want to Give?

This is my week in the school book fair, as I mentioned in my post offering some parent tips for the kids' literary shopping sprees.  Today, a little girl came to the book fair and was so sad that (a) we were out of the diary-style book she wanted and (b) she didn't have enough money for a book anyway.  Then she got all "I thought this would be the year I got a book" and I felt like I was in a scene from the A Christmas Carol....more

What? My Kids are Being Made to Read Banned Books!

Given that it's Banned Books Week and I like to be in the know as to what offensive and terrible for my kids' minds books are out there, I was looking over the list of top 100 Banned/Challenged Books.  And I was shocked and surprised to find what looked like my kids' school reading list.  Did I go to the wrong site? Was I looking at the wrong list?  I had to pull out my notes from Back to School Night and check....more

Are Dads the Winners in the Mommy Wars?

For as long as I've been a stay-at-home mom -- okay, long before that since I didn't invent motherhood -- there's been the stay-at-home vs. working mom debate. Who was the better mom: the one who fully embraced her domesticity or climbed the corporate ladder? Should women hang up their college degrees or ignore the baby bottles? Clearly those mothers who gave up their jobs and career goals to run around the playground and volunteer with the PTA were a disappointment to all the women who fought and struggled for their equality in the corporate world....more
I think men simply aren't under the same scrutiny as women.  If they go to work, no one accuses ...more

Leave Barbie in the Pink-Ness

Barbie and I had to have a talk this morning, she was very nervous about losing her pink kingdom.  Why?  We heard about this “Let Toys Be Toys” campaign that encourages toy stores not to continue in “gender marketing”, i.e....more

Tips to Enjoy Your Resort Vacation

They  are the one stop shopping of family vacations - resorts. Drop you bags, grab your bathing suit/ski suit/golf clubs, go eat down the pathway, and don't worry about leaving the comfy confines of your destination until it's suddenly time to go home. We love resort vacations for their simplicity. Here's a few tips to make the most of your next stay....more

Babies, Breasts, and Books

Did you hear about the university professor who brought her sick baby to work, then nursed her during the middle of class?  It's a lot of issues all wrapped up in that one little story - the values of nursing, challenges of being a working mother and a single mother, what's appropriate in the workplace, and, yes, that ongoing debate I've chatted about before - can we have it all?...more