Italian Tiramisu Recipe

 Italian Tiramisu RecipeThis is my favorite dessert now!Italian is the absolute best! ...more

RSAT Group Outside For 3 Hours In Freezing Temps.

RSAT Group Outside For 3 Hours In Freezing Temps.They had to stand outside in freezing temperatures for the store.RSAT is the jail re-hab, but this is crazy! ...more

Have You Ever Woke Up To A Gun Pointed At You?

They were standing inside at my front door with their guns pointed at me.I was awakened with yelling.  ...more

If You Have A Disease Should You Go To Jail Or A Center For Help?

People are being sent to jail or prison for having a disease, instead of re-hab Do you think this law should be changed?...more

Beets Vegetable Chips Recipe – Weight Loss Journey

Beets Vegetable Chips Recipe – Weight Loss JourneyI love these! And since I’m on a weight loss journey, they’re good for me.They’re very simple to make and really do taste good! ...more


I’m just going to tell you, this is to my daughter.I hope you don’t have this problem, but you can talk to me anytime, if you do. ...more

Get Your Metabolism Going

I Lost 2 Lbs. In Four Days!That may not seem like a lot to you, but I was surprised I had lost any that quickly.I’m going to share some of my recipes with you. They have ingredients that get your metabolism going. This first one is the Blueberry Chocolate Almond Smoothie....more

10 Fun Kids Winter Crafts

Do your kids need something to do in the winter? Mine do! I thought you would all want to see these.They’re pretty awesome! GO HERE FOR MORE...more

Pharmaceutical Co. Gets Sued For Lying About Oxycontin!

So the doctors prescribed it a lot and now our kids are dying from addiction!They got fined a lot, but something more should be done!  ...more

Mother Served Alcohol To 13 Year Olds – Part 2

She Bacame Addicted To Meth If you didn’t read Part 1, we moved and then things got worse. (Part 1 here) We moved for her father’s job and to get her out of that town, away from Heroin. For the first few weeks she stayed home and was looking into going to college! Then she got lonely and bored. So she went out one night. She met the worst possible people she could! People around this town are on Meth. I mean, a lot of them! It turned out to be one of the worst places for that drug! We couldn’t believe it. It was devastating!...more