Every single day I think about writing, but there are a lot of things I can’t share right now; things that are too painful, too wonderful, too much of one extreme or another which affect not only me, but people I love. It’s been almost a year since my life was turned upside down, but there are still a lot of things left undone. A few days ago I went out and bought an old-fashioned, spiral notebook and some pens so I can write again ....more

May’s a Jerk and Steak is Life

I have no explanation for my absence other than the fact that May is kind of a jerk. It rolled in with me crossing a half marathon off my life-list on a beautiful morning, then the sun appeared and flowers bloomed, there were weekend getaways, fresh air, laughter, and friends started coming out of their homes like spring-struck zombies carrying grilled hamburgers and coolers of beer. See? ...more

Cracking up and Unbreakable

There is something I need. I need it as much as water, air, food, clothing, shelter, coffee and beer. If I am to be a functioning member of society, I need laughter ....more

Tips from Momo: To All the Single Ladies

It’s not like me to brag (oh, who am I kidding), but over the past eight months I’ve learned a lot about myself and I’ve learned a lot of things that may benefit you too. I’m here to share the knowledge I’ve gleaned from this broken life of mine in case you suddenly find yourself in a crumpled heap in the middle of a grocery store aisle. Hypothetically ....more

3 Smart Ways to Use Twitter and Its Tools for Better Blogging

If you have taken a deep look at your Google Analytics lately, you may notice Twitter dropping off as a referrer to your blog, but I am here to assure you that Twitter is not dead. It can be a useful tool for content creation, monetization, and community building. Here are just a few ways to use Twitter and its third-party tools to better your blog....more
According to google-analytics I am within the top 10 percent of Twitter users. I have over 14k ...more

Neon Light

For months, in a tiny space where my children didn’t fill my heart, there was aching darkness. Even though it didn’t need much room to exist, the hole felt gaping, like a giant, black pit. You could’ve thrown a Chevy in there and it wouldn’t have touched either side ....more

Seize the Radish

When I was young my mom used to tell me to taste every kind of food I was offered; if I didn’t like it I would never have to eat it again. It turned out that that only thing I didn’t like were radishes. For nearly four decades I ate everything but radishes, because radishes tasted like dirt ....more

My Tribe

I was going to sit down and write thank-you...more

He Speaks the Truth

My 12 year old son has been known to have anxiety and OCD. To know him is to love his perfectionism, his lining up everything in the colors of a rainbow, and his constant obsession with rings. Right now we have a little extra anxiety going on, so in addition to seeing a therapist I made an appointment with the pediatrician ....more

Bock Bock

The past few weeks have been tough; not as tough as I thought they would be because there is some peace that comes after the kind of anxiety I was facing. Not knowing where your future lies is terrifying – and that’s where I was for months. At least now I know where I stand – squarely on the other side of the door ....more