Ferguson: Connecting with Our Community on Twitter

BlogHer is a diverse community and never was that more evident than in today's Twitter chat about Ferguson, the racial tensions stemming from the shooting of Michael Brown and the grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed him....more

Just Listen

I didn’t grow up with black friends. I lived in a white suburb, surrounded by white neighbors. I don’t remember a single person of color in my elementary school and there were only a handful in my very large high school ....more

The Epitome of Morals

My daughter is currently working on a paper for her English class which she has titled, “The Epitome of Morals.” Obviously, I am the subject matter. Oh, okay that’s not true. It’s Atticus Finch ....more


This post was inspired by Netflix. Come see what we’re watching. If you had to pick one friend with whom to get stuck on a deserted island, who would you pick? ...more


I’m feeling thankful for my friends lately. Maybe it’s because it’s Thanksgiving week, maybe it’s because I’ve really needed them lately, or maybe it’s because Netflix is bringing us all 10 seasons of “Friends” starting January 1st! Remember the Thanksgiving episodes of “Friends”? ...more

My Girl

On Monday, she volunteered for her service project after school then went to basketball practice. On Wednesday, she volunteered again, then dog-sat for her grandmother and babysat her brother. On Thursday, we got a letter saying she had made honor role again ....more


I cried real tears when my first pair of favorite jeans got an irreparable hole in an unfortunate spot. Ahem. There are only so many places you can put a patch ....more

Whistle Practice

Luna’s favorite place, other than the middle of the couch, is the rug in our kitchen. It’s also where she does most of her head-tilting. This is like trumpet practice, but different ....more

Life List 21-30

It’s been over four years since I added items to my Life List. FOUR YEARS. That’s just sad ....more

New Adventures

I currently have the urge to do adventurous things, which is not a place I have considered being for a long, long time. In fact, I’ve been scared to do much of anything, but sometimes you come to a point where you feel you have nothing to lose. There are certain adventures I’ve always wanted to go on ....more