FAQs About Thrifting

 Blogs have made thrifting  (and the term) popular and trendy. You can’t go two clicks without someone boasting about their thrifted treasures (yes, I include myself in that group)....more

Best Modest Red Carpet Dresses at the 2012 Golden Globes

Fact: I grew up with out a television. I still don’t have a television, but I have a computer and an iphone. I’m not missing out.Fact: I’ve never seen the Oscars,  Grammys, or any other awards because of fact number one. Because of the latter portion of fact number one I tend to find out all info as it’s happening (but let’s be honest; it’s not THAT important)....more

Modest Review: Red Velvet Truffles by Miriam Hope

Over the past few years the baking scene has revamped its love for red velvet cake. I've been a fan of red velvet cake since I was a kid, and to be quite honest I've always been a little uppity when it comes to red velvet cake. No one could quite make it like my grandmother's cousin, Letha Mae. I've tasted Cheesecake Factory's red velvet cheesecake and I've sampled Kara's Cupcakes tiny red velvet cupcakes....more

Modest Steals: How I Scored Gucci Heels for $60

If you follow me on Twitter (or if you’re my friend on Facebook) you heard about my good fortune last night: I purchased a pair of Gucci heels for approximately $60 (including taxes). ...more

That was an amazing score! The shoes look like a great statement shoe with an amzing story to go ...more

Modest Solution: A Slip Shop (Part 1)

Happy, Happy....NEW YEAR!...more

Modest Solution: Wear a Vintage Dress

DIY Series: Holiday Wreath and Giveaway

MoMoMod: The DIY series continues! I was bogged down with all things second grade last week, and was really bummed about not being able to continue the series on Thursday and Friday. Plus, the skirt I ordered online for my modest DIY has yet to be delivered. Nevertheless, The Mrs....more

Holiday Gift Guide: Books and Magazines

Books and magazines seem to be the obvious holiday gift choice for the avid reader, but these reading materials are also perfect gifts for teachers, elementary school aged children, and people with specific interests....more

DIY Series: Rhinestone Tights

Confession: I am envious of people that can craft and sew their way out of a paper box. Shey (Modesty is Pretty),  I'm talking to you. In school, I was the kid with glue everywhere and the semi-crooked finished product. I can barely sew a button on my coat or blouse. Yes, I am that girl....more