A Nose's Best Friend

Anyone who has children knows the horrors of nasal congestion. It affects sleep and mood for as long as it lasts. That's not to mention how it bothers the child! I remember the long tipped nasal aspirator that I was given at the hospital after the birth of my first child. I instantly thought it would work wonders. Well, as I'm sure you are all laughing at my naivety, I figured out that it really didn't. As I prepared for my second child, I discovered more nasal aspirators than I knew what to do with....more

Why the Buzz about Nursing Covers?

Why the Buzz about Nursing Covers? I have to admit that I love my nursing covers. First of all, they were free. Second of all, they were free. But honestly, they are something that I wish I had with my first child. It would have made nursing while out and about much easier. I often nursed in fitting rooms so that I could be out and about with my little guy....more

Being non-judgmental: A lesson not just for our children

As a mother of two boys, I strive to model the way that I would want them to act.  Am I perfect?...more