5 Ways to Encourage a Love of Reading in Your Young Child

1. Read Early, Read OftenThe benefits of early exposure to books are numerous.  "Just 20 minutes a day reading aloud with young children strengthens relationships, encourages listening and language skills, promotes attention and curiosity, and establishes a strong reading foundation....more

Moving Beyond the Advanced Maternal Age Stamp

Ahh, AMA.  I am right there myself, but for whatever reason it holds no sting for me.  I ...more

Advanced Maternal Age Project: We'd Like You to Share Your Story!

Advanced Maternal Age ProjectWisdom from First-Time Mothers Over Age 35 ...more

Won't You Please Go to Sleep??

deux-chi via FlikrSleep time has been a bit of a struggle in our home recently.With a nod to Adam Mansbach's "Go the --to Sleep"......more
I take it that means you can relate? ;)more

I Need a Woman Cave

   Something is missing in my life and I know what it is.  I need an escape. I love my family and my time with them, but I need a place where I can get away from time to time and have a complete thought. I need a woman cave. I’m not terribly crazy about the word “cave”--it conjures up hairy knuckles and scratching sounds--but I’m not witty enough to think of an alternative, so it will have to do for now....more
 @dvorakoelling I like the way you think!more

Teaching Children to Be Savvy Consumers

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A Little Bit of Perspective

Like most people, I  occasionally find myself in the trap  of "Keeping Up with the Joneses".  It's so easy to whine about the fact that we can't take that vacation this winter because the windows needed to be replaced, or bemoan the fact that my closet is a shadow of what it once was. In these trying times in our country, so many people are without work, health care, or even a home to live in.  That in itself is enough to put things into perspective.  ...more
Reading this right after the blog post about kids' parties and goodie bags... Wonderful post. I ...more

Date Night

 Mort Guffman via Flikr  ...more

You'll Always Be a Worse Mom Than Your Idealized Self

There has been a lot of hubbub recently surrounding the rash of "All Parents from That Country Are Better Than Any Parent from This Country" type articles making the rounds on the blogosphere, and I feel like have something to add to the conversation. You see, I have spent almost two years now living with the idealized version of my parental self....more
This was hilarious and brilliant. Loved it! My idealized self is driving me nuts! I wish she ...more