bird's milk cake (птичье молоко, ptichye moloko)

Bird's milk is a type of custard/cream. You can find it in many candies, called Bird's Milk, sold within the Slavic markets. It is also common, within the Slavic tradition, to make Bird's Milk Jello or Bird's Milk Cakes for holiday dinners.This cake was inspired by a friend of mine on Facebook. It was a complete blast making it; and believe it or not, it was quite easy.Here is the link to the recipe: ...more

roasted stuffed duck

The moment I tried a baked duck at my sisters house, I was really overtaken with the flavor. The duck was stuffed with apples, that was very unusual to see, but the apple added this amazing flavor to the duck. Duck meat is, unlike any other meat, juicy and tender. Brown rice as stuffing is a perfect combination, because it soaks up the fatty juices.I purchased the duck at Costco. I believe they only sell it during the holidays. The quality was wonderful. I plan to buy a few more in a near future.for full recipe go to

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шуба (shuba, meaning - fur coat)

I know that not everyone is a fan of shuba. I used to not like it either! Then I tried this type of shuba at my friend’s house.I was sitting at a dinner table and she kept on asking for me to try it. I was thinking - here you go, now how do I get out of this. Well, I decided to give it a try and here I went for more and more refills. The difference with this shuba, is the way you layer it. Let potatoes soak in flavor from herring, and it will make all the difference.When I am able, I like to make it in small portion sizes. It's a bit more time consuming....more

pumpkin rice pudding

 For me, pumpkin rice pudding goes way back to the old days with grandma and her wood burning pizza oven. This recipe is more of a modern version. This pudding is sweet, creamy and crusty on the outside.I make my own pumpkin paste, it's very simple to make and easy to store in a freezer.4 cups Milk...more