Why Are People So D---ed Inconsiderate??!!!

I am blazing angry because this just happened to me.  I was 31 minutes into my 45 minute workout and thinking: "Wow, this is going to be the best (longest) workout I've been able to squeeze in to my day in over 3 months!"  All of a sudden, the channel of the TV I was intently viewing changed!  My reaction was immediate because I had no headphones and was struggling to keep up with the dialogue running across the bottom of the screen.  I looked over to my left and there he was, the jerk who changed my channel even before he ever got to the elyptical machine. ...more

Like We Needed A Study To Tell Us This

Everyday this year, the media have reported one study finding after another.  Today there were several announced.  One that caught my ear had to do with our overly connected kids.  The study concluded that the more children are plugged in to their ipods, cell phones, texting, computers, Facebook, email, video games, and TV, the lower their grades.  Hello!!!  Money spent on silly studies such as this would be much better spent on saving lives in Haiti.  Give me a break!...more

Moms Against Sexting: Focus Driven

For some reason, in this country risk of serious injury or death isn't enough to get people to stop acting irresponsilbly.  A national campaign has been launched called Focus Driven.  It was started by moms who have lost children and even parents thanks to drivers who were distracted by talking on their cell phones or, worse, texting!  The National Safety Commission reports that today 28% of car accidents are due to "illegal" cell phone usage....more

How Fortunate Are We

The images of Haiti are heart wrenching to see.  We will be seeing them for a longtime to come as Haiti lifts herself out of the rubble.  On my way home from the gym today, I passed by an 8 year old girl in my neighborhood riding her scooter (helmet on thank goodness!); the $160 Uggs that covered 1/3 of her small frame were hard to miss.  It made me reflect on how much we have and take for granted....more

Latest Gadget On The Market To Track Your Child's Location

On my way home after my weekly mommy lunch with the girls, I was listening to a very interesting debate opening up on KGO Radio about putting tracking devices, or GPSs on our children.  Apparently, there is a new application that parents can put on their child's phone to locate them at any given time.  The device, called Glympse, can send the information back to the parent's computer or phone every minute, two minutes, three minutes, etc.  You get the idea....more

Hitting Haiti While She's Down

By now, we have all heard Reverend Pat Robert's unfortunate comments regarding Haiti.  If you missed it, he stated that Haiti brought this calamity onto itself by making a pact with the devil to free herself from French rule.  Really?  Did the United States make a pact with the devil when she freed herself from England?  I think not.  ...more

My Heart Goes Out To Haiti

The live feed of the devastation and despair in Haiti is too much to watch.  The situation is dire and even though food, water, medical supplies, and personnel have been arriving all day today in Port Au Prince, Haiti, I fear it is too late for hundreds of thousands of Haitians buried in the rubble.I pray numerous times during the day to help the Haitian people and those who are there to rescue them.  I try to be hopeful, but it is difficult given the monumental task at hand.  God Bless Haiti....more

N.J. Mom Charged After School Refuses To Take Action Against Bully

The report of a school superintendet in New Jersey pressing charges against a mom whose daughter was assaulted at school by a bully was shocking to me.  The boy pulled down the 13 year old girl's pants at school and no action was taken against the bully, so N.J....more
@LisaLaGrou i absolutely agree & the same thing happened to my daughter only she was in like 1st ...more

I Just Got Blown Off By The Principal!

Now I'm fuming angry.  I wrote earlier about how there were 3 fights at my kids middle school in two days. I emailed the Principal asking what the school was doing about the violence and asked what we parents can do to help.  Her response was as follows: "Thank you for your email.  The two incidents have been dealt with appropriately." ...more

Kids Glorify Violence

I am royally ticked off at the outrageous behavior of our teens and pre-teens.  There were 3 fights at my children's middle school in just 2 days!  What the hell is going on out there in America!  And this is not an inner-city school!  This is a middle school in the affluent community known as Walnut Creek, California! What really got me was this.  An 8th grade girl comes running passed me yelling through her joyous laughter, "Dimitri just got his a-- kicked by Cole!" The 8th grade boy she relayed this message to responded, "That's soooo COOL!"   ...more