I am a Tired Mom

The old “but it’s a good tired,” is here.This is like telling someone in Hell that it’s a dry heat.I am so tired I am typing this through sheer will and a last spurt of final dying breath to get the word out to you, my readers, that I love you, and it’s been good and all, but holy hot sauce, this Momsie is no more. I have ceased to be. I’m expired, late, stiff… bereft of life. THIS IS an EX-Momsie.If this were a Disney movie, we are all at the last twenty minutes of Old Yeller....more

How to Have a Great Spring Break in Ten Easy Steps!

How to Have a Great Spring Break in Ten Easy Steps! Posted in Blogging, Faith, family, Kids speak crazy, Latent Nuttiness, ...more

My Marriage is Laughable

My Marriage is Laughable. Posted in Blogging, Faith, family, Fathers, Latent Nuttiness, ...more

Bedtime and Dragons


50 Shades of Momsie

50 Shades of Momsie   Oh, come on. You know I couldn’t leave it alone, right? ...more

Romance is NOT Dead in this Marriage

I am married, did you know that?I know. Sometimes it even surprises me. He (The husband. The Married) shows up all unannounced and is skulking around in the refrigerator, and I turn around and think, Wow! There’s this dude in here, all up in my refrigerator! How did that happen?I would also like to make clear: “All up in my refrigerator” is not code for something. In case you were wondering. We DO have codes for things, like, “Honey, you are the BEST.” This is code for, “I’m going to write about our relationship again today. Please forgive me.”Anyhow....more

The Funny Thing About Depression

15Jan2015The Funny Thing About Depression Posted in Faith, family, M...more
This is a really honest piece.  Depression is so complicated and this totally reflects that. ...more

Child Labor Day

DanaBowman @momsieblog.com...more

My Husband, Without His Knowledge or Permission, Is a Hipster

DanaBowman @momsieblog.com This is how this all went down:I am clearing out the husband’s closet.  I am not especially sure why I am doing this task, except that cleaning the cat box was also on my to-do list, and I decided to postpone it for the pleasure of purging some pleated Dockers. (Say that fast twice.)And then, I spied them.Suspenders....more