Lazy Girl's Enchilada Pie

I'm a lazy cook. I don't peel my tomatoes when I'm supposed to, hack my onions into a rough chop instead of a tidy dice, rarely salt eggplant before cooking it, and build elaborate shortcuts into cookbook recipes that are too fussy for my taste. My excuse? I'm a mom. I've got places to go and people to feed, which is exactly why I made up this Lazy Girl's Enchilada Pie. ...more
I love enchiladas. I will definitely try this since I am incapable of keeping them rolled.more

Is Good Produce Worth the Pricetag?

When my friend Meg stopped by yesterday, she commented on the bowl of cherries adorning my kitchen counter.“Cherries,” she said, “Where can you get affordable cherries?” “You can’t,” I told her, “I paid five bucks a pound for those.”Yes, a bowl of precious jewels, they are....more


 The close of the school year always throws me into a tailspin....more


 Babysitter food. That’s what we called the frozen entrees my mom would pull from the freezer on nights she and my dad were heading out on the town....more

Afghan Noodle Soup: So Delicious, It Will Make You Friends

When I get a taste of something delicious, I need to know how to make it, and can be dogged in my pursuit of a recipe. Such was the case with this soup. I first tried it at a school potluck, where it was drawing raves at the buffet line. Two bowls in, and I was positively smitten. I’d never eaten anything quite like it before and had to know how to make it....more
 @gigabiting I know -- doesn't it sound like a great and comforting weekend option? more

A Winter Warmer: Chicken Tortilla Soup

Baby it’s cold. And we’ve got colds…. and flus and viruses. Soup is the best medicine I know; a fact borne out in plenty of scientific research. Indeed, studies have found that soup, specifically chicken soup, heals (although I have anecdotal evidence that lentil soup heals, too)....more
@grownandflown1 It's definitely tasty. I haven't made it at home before, but I've had it out a ...more


"><img The average American packs on between five and 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s according to research.  Cooking magazines tantalize us with glossy photos of holiday eats, while women's magazines try to tell us how to avoid over-indulgi...more

Kick the Can: Pumpkin Pie From the Ground Up

Every spring we put a couple of pumpkin plants in the garden of our weekend house, a cozy retreat from city life, which we refer to as "the creek house." The place is located not far from Half Moon Bay, ostensibly the pumpkin growing capital of the U.S., so it has never come as a surprise that our pumpkins always thrive down there, keeping us in pies and muffins throughout the fall. ...more
Make pumpkin pie every Thanksgiving, always from fresh pumpkin.more

The Halloween Candy Conundrum

 For a few years there I got away with buying little bags of whole grain pretzels, boxes of raisins, and packets of sugarless gum to give away on Halloween.  No more.  Apparently, it's embarrassing to have the mom who gives out anything less than pure, unapologetically junkie candy.  I get it....more