Out of my head...

I came to a realization today, I think, atleast for me. I have been in this funk for a while... I started my Dream Book, which honestly, has been a lot of FUN! I feel like I am in middle school creating a journal or slambook. A lot more fun and meaningful than just writing the words... It is a true symbol of my mind, chaotic! It jumps around and there is no system to the book (except I did organize it in past, present, and future). This is great for me... because to often I feel like I need to have order and organization when I am writing....more

My Dream Book

So I started working on my "Dream Book"... my nine year old daughter thinks I have lost my mind. I started cutting and ripping out pictures of magazines. I was in a complete frenzy... It was FUN!! I had forgotten the things that made me laugh and things I looked forward to. What I find neat about this project, is how I have started recognizing things in my life that are inspiring me. Simple walks around the lake across the street, my children playing...  the simple pleasures stand out now. I hope I can find my own personal passion and create a legacy from it....more

The first day of meeting me, again....

So, here I sit in front of the computer. I have wanted to blog for a few years now, but it all seemed so, vulnerable to me. Kind of scary, ya know.... but I decided to step outside my comfort zone.  I am all new to this blogging, so it will take me time to get comfortable with my thoughts being online.  The past few months have been a strange time. I find myself in a unusual yet interesting place in my life. Now, do not get me I love my life. But since I completed graduate school, I find myself searching for something....more