The Tax & Financial Implications of Returning To Work

While the majority of women today enter the workforce at some point in their lives, the birth of a child often causes a woman to rethink her career, at least on a temporary basis. Among other concerns, a new mother often must weigh relevant financial concerns, including not only overall household income, but also the costs of daycare, taxes, and other job-related expenses....more

Yes, Retailers Are Hiring This Holiday Season

Fourth Quarter 2011 is upon us and that means retailers are on their mad sprint to the end of year profitability. While seasonal hiring is weaker than in previous years, a number of companies have announced their Holiday 2011 hiring plans. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~http://MomsToWork.comTwitter: @MomsToWork ...more

Moms: Do you use your kids real names online?

A quick question for the parents out there, do you use your kids names online or do you use some sort of nickname? Julie over at MomsToWork has asked that question and received some mixed comments about using real names. ...more

Beat the (swine) flu: 9 ways to get your kids to wash their hands

In light of the news about swine flu, Julie over at MomsToWork wrote a terrific idea filled post on 9 ways to get your kids to wash their hands. As a Mom of twin boys, she's been there and done that.    ...more