Why Moms Should Boycott Nike

How have I spent my free time recently? Mulling over a Nike boycott.  It all started with Nike's weird from-the-grave Master's ad for Tiger. Then I read about Ben Roethlisberger--another Nike guy. ...more

Green Toy Review

We just moved into a new brownstone and the girls couldn't be happier. Nope this wasn't a million dollar real estate transaction. It's from Our Children's Gorilla. Our Children's Gorilla dreamed up this green version of a dollhouse made of flat packed, recyclable cardboard. The authentic brownstone has a store on the first floor and then pop-out windows above the shop. We come up with all sorts of creative scenarios for our house. We added ...more

Smack Down: Dear Edwina vs. Dora Live!

Two show in six days. Both target girls. Both in NYC. No contest really. Even with all the glamor of a Radio City performance Dora Live! was limp and lifeless. Not to be cruel, but the Dora on stage has packed on the pounds and looked more like a Kansas City housewife than a global explorer. The plot was lame and the Diego couldn't hold a note to save his life. For this I paid $90 a ticket! Ugh. On the upside my ...more

Lucy Tee Contest and Chic Moms Guide

How do I stay current on trends. Read like mad. Recently I came across a press release announcing a new book by Nina Sutton: The Chic Mom's Guide To Feeling Fabulous: Easy tips for an amazing life after the stork has arrived and beyond! ...more

Britax & Car Safety Tips for Parents

Summer gave us a nice break from the parental shuttle routine. Now it's time to dust off the chauffeur's cap. Before you turn the ignition switch, Momtrends thought we could all spend a moment brushing up on our car safety knowledge. ...more

Twin Travel Tips

This month I'm taking the show on the road and sharing travel tips wiht parents. Caitlin Friedman from Girl's Guide (PR pro and mom to 4 y.o. twins) shares her top tips, plus I announce the awesome Jult contest giving away a Trevi Twin stroller. Check it out at www.momtrends.blogpsot.com. ...more

Best Gardening Toys for Kids

Dirty kids = happy kids. It's a simple equation that has another benefit. Gardening and playing in the dirt helps teach toddlers about environmentalism. I've tested out a batch of cool gardening toys and want to share my finds.  Check out the top three toys on www.momtrends.blogspot.com.     ...more

Green Diaper Solutions

I know diapers are a loaded (hee, hee) subject. According to the Washington Post, an average baby runs through 6,700 diapers spread out over 30 months. That's some serious SH**. ...more