who needs diet when there's plastic surgery?

Who needs diet? I do. I need fitness. Why? Because A is now four years old. And while I'm battling the baby fat, I know that I have dropped the pounds before. With discipline and hard work, I can do it again. So I am so surprised when women feel they must resort to a mom job to look good in their skin. Surgeons are now catering to these mothers. Why workout when you can get a boob job, tummy tuck and lipo all at once? Click here to continue reading... ...more

hiding behind a fat fascade

Hello ladies of the blogosphere. Some of you know me already...I am already on the low end of the BlogHer totem pole :) However I have gone for my latest blog project. I think I'm afraid to "fail" in front of people I know...in real life and on the Internet. So for this blog, I have a new name and address. Come and visit and say hello -- and offer some words of advice and encouragement. I need both! Losing It ...more

Losing weight and getting in shape is tough - good to see you have a personal trainer, that ...more