Feta Filled Crescent Rolls

I like to make these on days when I am rushed, or if I am having friends over for brunch, it’s quick, easy and yummy! Using ready to bake crescent rolls just makes it so easy, all you have to do is make the filling!...more

Turkish Pasta Salad

Turkish pasta salad is delicious, and just a little healthier than your regular pasta salad. It is made with yogurt, which makes it a little tangy which I really enjoy, and lots of veggies....more

Cannoli Dip

My son loves cannolis and I love...more

Butter Pecan Apple Cake

My mom and Aunt Angela used to make this really delicious apple cake when I was a kid, neither of them have the recipe now. I searched online and no luck of finding a recipe that comes close to it. ...more

Grilled Cheese Waffle

I was making my confetti waffles one morning, and my son wanted something salty to eat. I offered him a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato, a favourite of ours. I got the idea to try making it in the waffle maker since it was on ....more

Salmon en Croute

My kids and I enjoy watching Masterchef Kids, and in one of the episodes the kids made salmon en croute. I never heard of it, so this was a challenge for me, and I am always up for a challenge! My kids cheered me on, mostly because they really wanted to try it ....more

French Toast Waffles

As you may know from my previous posts, French toast is a childhood favourite of mine. My mom would even make it for me for dinner, that is how much I loved it! It is simple to make using regular bread, and eggs ....more

Fruit Dip

This is a delicious and easy recipe to make, I like to make it when guests come over or when I go to a friends house. Everyone loves it, it goes great with any fruit, my personal favourite is granny smith apples and graham crackers, okay that isn’t a fruit but it goes great with it....more

Funfetti Waffles

We love waffles, probably as much as we love pancakes. I have tried many different recipes since I first got my waffle maker. Some were disappointing and others were great! ...more

Sriracha Yogurt Marinated Chicken

Marinating chicken or meat with yogurt tenderizes and makes your meat or chicken moist, been doing it for years, what I haven’t done till now was add sriracha. Oh boy have I been missing out! I am a little late on joining the sriracha train, but I am here now and am loving it! ...more