Please Sign .... Kids in California deserve better!

I did mention wearing various hats this year right? Yes, I did - Of course!...more

The Thanksgiving Feast I loved putting together!

Please enjoy the feast I loved putting together for all our dear friends, here in Bay Area.    Happy Thanksgiving !! ...more

The Math & A Giveaway!

It has been over two months now since we moved from Texas to California.  We keep meeting new people and are slowly sliding into different social groups.  The same questions pop up at many places "What brings you to California?" ; "Do you work or stay at home?"; "Have you bought or are you leasing?"  So on......... I have clear, distinct answers to each.  No, the questions don't make me uncomfortable.  In fact, I'm glad I get to share my perspective on my choices....more

This way for "Inspiration" please ----->

There was this golden time of my life when I didn't look around for inspiration of any sort. (Great! Now I've got you thinking this is a boastful post from a conceited B*&#H. I'm not like that - at least, not anymore - LOL!)  I was supremely confident, content with all aspects of life.  Obviously, that didn't last long.  At least, not long enough for me (and I became human again)....more

I'm Sorry. Pardon me for having a Good Life.

Its true.  There are very few things we crave or want. Not because we lead an ascetic lifestyle by any stretch of imagination, but because we can afford all of what we need and most of what we want.  That again doesn't mean I shop in boutique showrooms and no, my kitchen ware didn't come from Williams Sonoma.  We are at a comfortable mid range.  A mid range that allows us some choices.  Choices that have come after years of hardwork and sacrifice.  Only for us, we enjoyed our work so much that all that effort didn't seem like any....more

Awareness Leads to Choices

There is ALWAYS a three dimensional view to most concepts in life. ...more

Response to: I Don't Like Spanking My Kids, But I Do It Anyway

My first reaction to your post was," Phew! it's good to know there are moms like me and it is okay to spank......"  Also there were many moms that were candid about resorting to spanking.  Yes, I know that only spanking works with my 4 year old daughter who has toppled every imaginable equation within our otherwise peaceful household.  I wasn't spanked as a child and I wasn't a spanking person with my first born, and neither did I spank my daughter until she turned 3. Well, so what happened when she turned three ?...more
 @Mommybostic Yes, that's so true!  It sure is a mixed message. Like I said, it's also a good ...more

Same Difference

Was at a kids' birthday party last weekend.  Bounce houses seem to be the most popular birthday destination these days.  Well, as you might guess, the kids had a blast! Parents were only too happy to take home the well fed and ready to sleep kids.  If wolfing down Pizza counts as being well fed, that is, I thought to myself, watching my kids.  And its not like there weren't options either.  There was Salad and a fruit dessert too, but its like a pre-programmed setting that the kids have. ...more

Why We Shout in Anger

A Hindu saint who was visiting river Ganges to take bath found a group of family members on the banks, shouting in anger at each other. He turned to his disciples smiled and asked.'Why do people shout at each other in anger ?'Disciples thought for a while, one of them said, 'Because we lose our calm, we shout.'...more
 @momwithadot Yes!  I love stories that open us up like this—to deeper truth.  You have a great ...more

Playtime Adventure - A Short Story

"We'll see ya'll in the park at four........ ok......bye," I hung up, after fixing a play date with my neighbours Judy and Lisa.  As always, I had snack size Goldfish bags ready. One of them would bring ice Popsicles and the other maybe some fruit, cheese or candy.  Everyone brings their own water bottles. That pretty much summed up the peripherals of my kids' playtime.  A fixed venue, once every week, at a certain appointed time, an arranged snack,..........more