Start Fresh in 2013

For many of us, the start of a new year is when we feel motivated to make changes and begin better habits that will make us healthier and happier.Sadly too many of us set unrealistic goals that we are unable to achieve, which makes us feel depressed, or we don’t bother setting any at all because we are jaded by past failed attempts. Do NOT let this hold you back. Setting goals that are within your reach and achieving them will boost your emotional well-being and add joy to your life....more

10 Easy Ways to Feel Festive

Having trouble getting into the holiday spirit?  Christmas can be very stressful, especially if you are shopping for presents on a budget, juggling work, an active family and festive social commitments.  Savvy Money Gal has the perfect solution for the “Bah Humbug Blues”. We believe the holiday season is a time for giving thanks to what really matter in our lives....more

Trust and Your Money

Who do you Trust with your Money? ...more

The ABCs of Money

ABCs are Like 1, 2, 3 at Savvy Money Gal.  Most women want and crave for something better.  It is not that we are unhappy with what we have or where we are in our lives, but we know that we could be getting more out of our lives and living more comfortably.  This means doing things differently with our money.  We keep hoping for more, but in order to get more or get what we don’t have, we have to do something that we have never done before.Money can be a wonderful servant but a terrible master...more

Money Bliss. Making Money Doing What you Love to Do!

Do More of What you Love Doing!...more

To Budget or not to Budget? Budget of course!

Many women make an honest attempt to budget, but most become discouraged and give up before the benefits are realized or they accomplish any significant financial gains. If you are like most of us, it is hard to stick to a budget or anything if outcomes are not forthcoming quickly. The ironic thing about budgeting is the top 3 causes of budget failure come into play before you even set up a budget.  The battle of the budget has never been more critical given the significant debt loads many families carry.  ...more

5 Steps to Better Bartering

Spend nothing. Get More....more

5 Steps to Better Bartering

Spend nothing. Get More. How is it possible not to spend any money and get what you need? Barter! For many women the notion of bartering may seem unfamiliar. But it shouldn’t be. We engage in bartering all the time but don’t refer to it that way. Simply put, bartering is an exchange of a good or service with another party resulting in no formal exchange of monies for payment. For example, when I help my cousin set up her lavish home parties; she in turn helps me by babysitting. We are bartering and we love it!...more

What is your Money Story?

Remarkable Money Stories ...more

Money Circles of Life

Are you Pioneering, Growing, Settling or Rekindling?Where you are in your Money Life matters.  At each stage of your life there are distinct events or rites of passage that are separate from your life decade. We prefer to focus on that rather than a woman’s age.  Because you could be pioneering again mid-life or re-settling after a BIG change or major life event.  You may be... ...more