I did a mystery shop at a Bridal Shop

My shop experience: Bridal shop I got assigned to a bridal mystery shop. I was required to go in and talk to a sales consultant about trying on a dress in order to rate their customer service. It was a very fun shop....more

Tips to doing online paid surveys

Here are a few tips to doing online paid surveys. Get a free email address to keep your survey emails separate. I usually make the email address have something to do with surveys. Having this email will help to stay on top of all the survey invitations you will receive. Make sure to always look in your bulk email folders as the survey invites sometimes end up there....more

Learn to blog and get paid: For Beginners

How to get started blogging A great way to earn extra money online is by starting up your own blog. It’s not difficult to get a blog started. We will take you through the key steps in this article. What  is a blog? A blog is simply an online diary or journal written and updated regularly by an individual. What’s the point of starting a blog?...more

Stop, look and listen

Something I've learned the value of as a parent is to stop, look and listen when my child takes the time to communicate with me.Stop: This means, stop what I am doing if possible. The dishes can wait, the phone call can be delayed for a few minutes, everything I have on my mind, can just stop for a few minutes....more