9 Tips to Catapult From Proposal to Published

Getting a book published is exciting, exhausting, emotional, and eventually fulfilling. I officially graduated to that last phase in September when my first book The Entrepreneurial Instinct: How Everyone Has the Innate Ability to Start a Small Business(McGraw-Hill) finally hit stores.As a first time author, I sought the advice of many. Now that I’ve been down the road, I have some pearls of wisdom of my own to share. I’ve summarized the collective experience of seven published authors for you below:...more

Five Tips to Becoming a Better Entrepreneurial Risk Taker

Entrepreneurs know how to take risks. Do you? Most people generally consider risk to be a four letter – something to be avoided and planned around at all costs.   However, researchers that study entrepreneurial achievement have found that your ability to become the next Steve Jobs is determined in large part by your comfort level with risky decisions. Not all risks are bad.  Some can be very rewarding. The key is learning how to take them with stride. ...more
Risk is one of the most vital factor that every entrepreneur takes so as to stimulate the ...more

Why the Rhetoric Against the Successful Must End

Entrepreneurs are drawn to places with opportunities. For centuries, the place to make those dreams a reality was America. But the eternal optimist that was America is going through a down spell. A sluggish economy and a rhetoric against success threatens to unravel a society that long understood that the only way to lift yourself up is from your own bootstraps....more
@Cindyhuber@Lorraine Devon Wilke Monica and her father should have the same set of tax rules as ...more