Beauty On a Budget: You can never have enough falsies!

So I know falsies are a must even in every day wear, but they are starting to get ridiculously priced! Drugstore lashes are definitely much cheaper than department store lashes and i did mention in another blog how to make them last, but ive also found another helpful money saving tip! If you're like me, I like to have multiple sets of falsies, a few pairs for daily use, and a few for going out at night. I found answer! Amazon! Amazon has Monster Bundle, which is a 70 pairs of lashes in 7 different styles/ types for 15.99!...more

Beauty on a budget: Making those falsies last just a little bit longer!

Every girl loves wearing fake lashes, whether it's for a dramatic night out on the town, or an lighter, softer, natural every day look. Unfortunately, the prices of these falsies are not cheap, ranging any where from three to 17 dollars (drugstore compared to department stores) they are all the same. So to get a little more bang for your buck, pick up some lashes from any drug store and re-use them! Before you re-use them be sure to clean them up so they look good as new!...more

Beauty On a Budget: Getting luscious shiny hair

We all long for that gorgeous shiny hair and while spending so much money on products trying to achive it. I personally have probably tried almost every product out there from Pantene to Herbal Essence and nothing seemed to work on my hair. In the midst of spending so much on all of those products, i found something a little less costly and much more effective! It only consists of two ingredients and can be found right in your pantry at home!...more