In Pictures: Dartmoor Walking and Wild Camping

Wild Camping on the River Plyn Trip highlight: the prehistoric stone rows of Drizzlecombe Lucky’s first big walk and wild camp: he’s a natural Nun’s Cross Farm Sun setting over the River Plyn Campstove dinner: Clearspring Miso Ramen amped up with veg and seaweed Scenes from an autumnal romp around Dartmoor National Park, starting at Postbridge, heading south and making a loop via Drizzlecombe to view its spectacular stone rows, with a wild camp in the middle on the River Plyn. It was a clear cold night but I had lots of layers, hearty food, hot tea, a good sleeping bag, and a warm pooch to keep things warm and cozy....more

Easy Blender Tortilla Soup

I’m a massive fan of Rick Bayless’s tortilla soup but when I’m in a rush, this does me just fine. The key is good stock and dried pasilla chile which gives tortilla soup its unique (and totally perfect) flavour. The best thing about this soup is the garnish potential! ...more

Smoothies and Juices: My Favourite Products

Blenders and Juicers I am an ambassador for Froothie and happily endorse their blenders and juicers with a proudly raised glass of cold pressed juice (blended with avocado). I use their Optimum 9200 power blender and Optimum 600 slow juicer for all of my juicing and blending needs. I have also used their Optimum 9400 (pictured above) which is basically a better (and much more economical) Vitamix ....more

How to Have a Cycling Holiday in France & Spain

I’ve just returned from a 3.5 week cycling holiday through France and Spain, a journey of just over 1000 miles from Cherbourg to Santander (with a few stops and diversions along the way). I was a little nervous going into it. Would my legs poop out? ...more

What to Eat on a Bicycle Tour

I’ve recently completed a 1000mile bike tour through France and Spain and wanted to share a little bit about the food I ate along the way. I tried to eat well, choosing foods that would energise my journey rather than drag me down. This is pretty easy to do in France and Spain, where...more

Where to Buy Threaded Camp Stove Canisters in France and Spain

If you’ve ever camped in France and Spain then you know that Camping Gaz is ubiquitous in most supermarkets, gas stations and general stores. However, if you’re coming from the US or Great Britain, then it’s very possible that you have a camping stove that takes a screw-on gas canister (often sold under the Primus brand), as I do with my MSR Pocket Rocket. On my recent bicycle trip, I...more

Bike Tour Packing List

I recently returned from a 4-week bike tour through France and Spain, carrying all of my own kit and camping along the way. Some people have commented that they can’t believe I travel so light, while others have said “how the heck do you fit all that on a bike?” You can fit a surprising amount of stuff on a bike. Of course, the heavier the bike, the harder the journey ....more

No Knead Bread with Seeded Crust

This is by far the most popular bread recipe that I make, with a crispy beautiful crust on the outside and a soft moist crumb on the inside....more

Camping at Manzac Ferme, Dordogne, France

I’m currently in the midst of a big long bike ride across France (see hashtags #franceenvelo and #tothemoon). Eight days and 450 miles into it, I feel like my legs deserve a rest. So it was convenient that I had just landed in Dordogne, one of my favourite regions in France for its woodland, enchanted lakes and overall quiet feel ....more

Indian Masterclass with Alfred Prasad

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending an Indian cookery...more