Camping at Manzac Ferme, Dordogne, France

I’m currently in the midst of a big long bike ride across France (see hashtags #franceenvelo and #tothemoon). Eight days and 450 miles into it, I feel like my legs deserve a rest. So it was convenient that I had just landed in Dordogne, one of my favourite regions in France for its woodland, enchanted lakes and overall quiet feel ....more

Indian Masterclass with Alfred Prasad

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending an Indian cookery...more

Summer Drinking: Mirabeau Rosé

I never was much of a rosé drinker...more

Optimum 9200 Blender Giveaway Worth £429

For those of you who’ve been lusting after a Vitamix or a Blendtec, listen up because I’ve got something even better. I’ve been using the Froothie blenders for the last year and can officially say I’ve retired my Vitamix. These blenders are fantastic ....more

Healthy Vegan Shamrock Shake

My friend Emily has been making (and enjoying!) my Shamrock Shake recipe from my book, Smarter Fitter Smoothies. And since today is St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it was about time...more

Chestnut Flour Pasta

I don’t get to see my sister, Stephanie, very often, maybe once per year if I’m lucky. So when we do get together it almost always involves an extended adventure, usually in the form of a road trip. One year it was New Orleans, another year, the Pacific Coast Highway ....more

Mango Chilli Sorbet

I recently had the pleasure of going to the latest supper club at The Vegetarian Cookery School in Bath. The theme: Indian Thali, hosted and prepared by the VCS’s awesome chef divas, Rachel Demuth, Jo Ingleby and Helen Lawrence. It’s been ages since I’ve been out for Indian, and this was some of the tastiest, freshest and most interesting Indian food I’ve had in a long time: masala dosa, sambar, chutney, homemade paneer, peshwari naan and some new discoveries such as masala vada and khadi ....more

Smoothie Bowls: Put Away The Straw and Get Out The Spoon

In this follow-up to Emily’s previous post on chia pudding, I present...more

Travels with Paris’ Best Tour Guide

One of my...more

Grilled Leeks with Mustard Vinaigrette

The secret to tasty BBQ leeks is to blanch the leeks first so that they’re pretty much cooked before they go on the BBQ, then dress them in a tangy vinaigrette that compliments the sweetness of the leek. Almost any mustardy vinaigrette will do – I keep it basic with olive oil, white wine vinegar and dijon, then add fresh herbs like parsley, chervil or oregano to vary the recipes. Serve the leeks over some whole grains like barley, quinoa or wild rice and you have a substantial side dish that’s perfect for a BBQ ....more