Winter Guacamole with Pomegranate and Dukkah

This is some well-traveled guacamole. It started at a cocktail party in Berlin. Or rather, in the hours before the cocktail party began ....more

Indian Street Food at Demuths Cookery School

I’ve been to classes at Demuths Cookery School before but never at night, and I gotta say I’m sold on the evening cooking class! It’s got a totally different vibe. More chill ....more

My 2015 Adventure Goals

My 2015 goals fall into a few categories, for example, “financial freedom” and “fitness”, but the category I’m excited about the most (and which all other categories lead up to) is “adventure”! These are the big adventures that I hope to achieve this year: The Ridgeway The Ridgeway is a long distance footpath that runs runs from Overton Hill in Wiltshire (near Avebury) to Ivinghoe Beacon in Buckinghamshire. It’s not far from my house, so I can bite this one off in long day walks ....more

Walking the Ridgeway: Stage 1

From Overton Hill to Ogbourne St. George. ~9miles (78 miles to go) Highlights: The Sanctuary, circa 3000 BC, a prehistoric site at the start of The Ridgeway on Overton Hill, part of a wider neolithic landscape that includes Avebury and West Kennett Long Barrow (need to go see this) ....more

Things I’m Making With This Ginormous Pumpkin

This pumpkin was gratefully received from one of my fellow Crossfitters, and it’s quite a beast! Especially for one person. But it’s a high-quality challenge, and I’m ready to take it on ....more

Homemade Raw Bars with Agen Prunes

I first became acquainted with Agen prunes when I went to Gascony in 2012. As my friend Mardi (the venerable blogger at eat live travel write) puts it: “if someone thinks they don’t like prunes, give them one of these and they’ll change their mind.” It’s totally true. Agen prunes (pruneaux d’Agen) have been developed to have the perfect balance of sugar and acidity ....more

Europe by Ferry: My Favourite Way to Travel

This last month saw me take my third trip to France via ferry, travelling with Brittany Ferries from Portsmouth, UK to St Malo, France, followed by a 6-hour road trip to Southwest France to visit my friend Kate Hill of Kitchen-at-Camont in Gascony. I’ve made this same journey before by plane, which is admittedly a bit faster, and possibly a little cheaper. But time and time again, I return to the ferry as my travel mode of choice ....more

Camont Christmas: A Wine Tour of France

Wine may not seem an obvious topic for a blog called “SmarterFitter”, especially when this time of year many people banish alcohol completely after weeks of holiday excess. But alcohol – be it wine, beer, cocktails, or home-brew cider – needn’t be the enemy of all things good, especially if you drink as you should eat: mindfully, with care and attention to flavor and provenance. In fact, I assert that alcohol can be a companion to a healthy (and happy) lifestyle, a topic which I’d like to give more attention to here at SmarterFitter ....more

Pumpkin Soup with Homemade Curry Powder

This time of year we’re all craving food that will lift us from the winter doldrums, excite the tastebuds, and negate the effects of holiday indulgence. This spiced pumpkin soup ticks all of the boxes, while still remaining true to the season and totally comforting. Of course, curried pumpkin soup is a classic, but this recipe takes it up a notch by using homemade curry powder which is such a huge step above from the shop-bought stuff ....more

Joyeux Noël: France Christmas in Pictures

You’ve made this a Christmas to remember Springtime feelings in the middle of December… Many thanks to the wonderful people (and animals) who helped make this a Christmas – and Winter Solstice – to remember: Kate, Stephanie, Phyllis, Mardi, Neil, Texas Marty, Penny, Marie-Carroll, Franny, John, Greg, Bosco, Bacon, Echo and Terra. I hope I’m not forgetting anyone! You all are the best Christmas gifts in the world ....more