Big Agnes King Solomon 15 Sleeping Bag Review

If you’re part of a couple that likes to sleep in a tent, whether you camp with a car, or like to put all of your stuff in a backpack as we do, sooner or later you’re going to struggle with being separated from your co-conspirator by a piece of down-filled fabric. You could either go for zipping together two single-person sleeping bags, or you could go for a purpose-made double bag. We decided to try the Big Agnes King Solomon 15,...more

Photography: How to Make Cider at Home

I am delighted to have my photography featured in Issue 4 of...more

Stuffed Tomatoes for British Tomato Week

This week is British Tomato Week,...more

Gin journey at The Pump House, Bristol

I’ve been developing a taste for gin recently, thanks largely to Andrew Burtenshaw, internationally renound supertaster and my co-hort at The Ugly Chapatti. Until recently I had no idea how the nuances and botanicals of different gins contributed to a completely unique gin and tonic experience. I suppose I knew this on some level, having enjoyed many gin & tonics made with Hendricks gin and cucumber, which were so good that I thought it was the end all be all gin ....more

Hummus diaries: Chickpeas with red chillies and cumin

First in a series of blog posts that explore the various types of hummuses (hummi?) one could put together. Here we riff on a fairly basic recipe: chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon. This probably all sounds familiar to someone who’s made hummus before ....more

Rum and Persimmon Punch

If you’re like me and spend a lot of time in the fruit aisle at the grocery store, then you’ve probably...more

Healthy Fermented Gazpacho Soup

The folks from Great British Chefs...more

Andy K’s No Bake Protein Bars

Easy and versatile, these protein bars are perfect fodder for experimentation. Try amping up the spices...more

The Elderflower Restaurant, New Forest

Good things happen when… You ask to see the chef You go to the New Forest You...more