Rum and Persimmon Punch

If you’re like me and spend a lot of time in the fruit aisle at the grocery store, then you’ve probably...more

Healthy Fermented Gazpacho Soup

The folks from Great British Chefs...more

Andy K’s No Bake Protein Bars

Easy and versatile, these protein bars are perfect fodder for experimentation. Try amping up the spices...more

The Elderflower Restaurant, New Forest

Good things happen when… You ask to see the chef You go to the New Forest You...more

smarter fitter supperclub – winter edition

On Friday 4th December we celebrate...more

Mushroom Foraging with John Wright

John Wright waxing poetic about one of the 60+ mushroom varieties we found. Last Friday, I went on a mushroom foray in the New Forest with John Wright from River Cottage. This was a day to experience and appreciate the incredible diversity of this marvellous country ....more

Carrot Cake Bircher Muesli

This is a riff on my usual bircher muesli...more

Green Apple Smoothie with Avocado & Lime

This is a signature smoothie of mine during autumn months when the orchard is in full swing and...more

Yogurt & Berry Protein Smoothie

As previously mentioned,...more

Find your winter energy

Winter can be such a sleepy season. Wouldn’t it be nice to while it away in pyjamas while...more