Why do men lie?

I have one question and it is why do men lie?  I only ask this question because it seems that this is a common trait.  Many of my friends and associates have the same issues.  I am returning to the dating scene after being married.  I have met many nice men but they all seem to share the lying gene.  I just don't understand.  I was dating a guy for a little while but without a commitment.  All I asked was for him to be honest and if I wanted to continue in the relationship after that point is solely up to me.  Well, I gue...more

A Spiritual Quest

Today I start on a new spiritual quest.  This has been a rough four years, but today is a new and wonderful day.  I am a divorced mother of two.  I have been divorced for two years and my ex-husband has been remarried for 1 1/2 years.  This journey has been long and painful, but I've gotten through it.  Today I stand as a stronger version of me.  Today I stand ready for a new and exciting future.  Today I stand encouraged and willing to face another day.  Today I stand stronger as a mother and woman.  Today is my day to tell the world that I am b...more