Writing Advice

Every once in awhile someone writes me because they read one of my articles and they are hoping I can give them some advice on getting a freelance writing career off the ground. This is always flattering. And surprising. I still feel like I’m striving to build a freelance career so it’s interesting to me that I must look like I have one. I’ve started trying on the title lately. ...more

Get Them Blogging! beta launch

Hi all! I'm a long-time blogger (it will be six years this January) at http://www.thiswomanswork.com I've beta launched a service connect PR/marketing people to bloggers called Get Them Blogging! We are NOT a pay-for-post service and we don't limit our services to just high traffic blogs. Our goal is to help PR/marketing people to connect with bloggers -- we know you have real (as well as virtual) communities and you're more than just your page rank! Our detailed survey helps PR/marketing people direct their samples of products and services more specifically than other databases. ...more

Got my first pitch this morning. We'll see what happens from there.