Ramen Burger Recipe

I did it! Immediately after I was back from NYC last summer where and when Ramen Burger was first introduced at Smorsgasburg in Williamsburg, I made this at home but I never got around to finish editing the video. It took me only like... uhm, 9 months (I blame it all on technical issues); gawd I could've had a baby in that duration. Better late than never I say, so here is my rendition of the cult foodie fad that seized New Yorkers last summer: The Ramen Burger. ...more

Royal Blue Velvet Cake Recipe

Velvet cakes are da bomb and I love red velvet cake in any form or shape, but it's getting to be so... overdone, don't you agree? Not that I'm sick of it, I am not. I'm just fickle, uninspired and seeking variety. I first heard of Blue Velvet Cake while I was munching on a red velvet one at Doughboys in LA. My friend told me that a baker nearby has a blue counterpart that was equally good, if not better according to him. I was way too full at that time to head over and check it out, but the idea intrigued me so much! ...more