All Things Light and Shiny

Sometimes, it's nice to step back from all the expensive gadgets and delight in the simpler things. Things that cost little money but still amaze. Over the holidays and birthday season (we have 3 birthdays in the 3 months around the holidays in our family), we got a chance to step back and revel in some of these simple pleasures. ...more

Merry Fishmas!


Happiness is a Cardboard Box

With the acquisition of our new chairs, we got perhaps the best present for the kids alongside it. What kid needs beautiful new chairs, when the boxes they came in are even better? ...more

Leaf Jumping Ninja, Splits and Zen

No autumn season is complete at our house without a leaf jumping photo session. I tried jumping into the leaf pile once and found that it barely cushioned my landing. So, "leaf jumping" is just an excuse for my kids to blow off their energy and show off for the camera. First, we bring you ninja Adam. ...more

Back to Basics Knitting - Scarves


Back to Basics Knitting - Scarves


Disney Take 3

You know your kids are spoiled when... They've gone to Disney World three times in the last six years!  This time we battled the Florida heat in August and lived to write a Haiku Deck about it. Less words, more photos! ...more

Shaking with the Shakers

Every year, we head out to the Berkshires in western Massachusetts for vacation.  Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, is one of my “sacred places”, where I remember visiting as a child and then attending the summer program as a teen.  Oh, the days when I thought I would become a concert pianist! ...more

PSF - Greetings from Under the Lake

Long time no Photo Story Friday!  Good to be back. Sure, we have thousands of picture from land and air, but now we can finally have photos from the sea, or lake, in this case. Dova had a blast performing for our latest gadget. ...more