"...paths are made by walking"

Walking has been one of the most fundamental and profound things of my life. As it is, to all who have the great fortune of being able to walk as a means to get from one place to another, I also consider it to be much more than just that, a means of transportation, it's my way of living life....more

My Very Own Roman Holiday

My Mother

My mother married my father when she was 20 and had my sister at 22, I was born when she was 29.  She completed her B.Ed degree with First Division when I was just a baby and then she taught in one of the prestigious school of Calcutta for 15 years....more

I wish I could say...

I have been thinking of topics to write about for a long while, but nothing is coming to me. I am groping for words to keep myself afloat in the blog world! My English skills have been going from bad to worse mostly because I haven't read many good books lately, also the use of the language has been dwindling. ...more

All things 'Twilight'

One day, a year and a half ago, I was sitting in my living room watching CNN. There was a feature about this book called Twilight written by some Stephanie Meyer on TV. They were just talking about the craze surrounding the book that is about a normal high school girl falling in love with a vampire and also that a movie is now being made based on this book. I didn't really care about it at the time, but the name stuck in my head. ...more

Hey, thanks so much for the feedback. I had other Indians telling me that although they never ...more

I wish it would Rain

The heavy downpour blurred the windscreen of her car; she turned up the wiper a notch. Heavy traffic always irritates her but the streets of Calcutta turn dysfunctional every time the sky breaks up, it was no new feat! Through all the maneuvers the car had to come to a standstill. It had been raining all day and it felt like the darkest nights had descended at 3 p.m., the street lights have already been turned on, orange against the dark grey....more

An Education

I watched An Education today, a period, coming of age, drama which recently had quite an Oscar buzz about it. Set in the 1960s London, it tells the story of a teenage school girl(Jenny) from a conservative background and how she discovers the of essence of life and love. And it makes the viewers look at the theme of education from different perspectives....more

Eat, Drink and Remarry!

Wine rejuvenates the part of your brain that is involved in the artistic capabilities, in my case blogging, if it can be considered artistic in any way. After two glasses of alcohol, usually, I can be quite embarrassing but the good thing is that the listeners never remind me of that fact, they are pretty drunk themselves as well....more