Saturday Suggestions

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More Insecurities

Gman has been wearing his ring. He tells me he loves me and that I’m just over reacting… it’s been known to happen.I know nothing could stop him if he really wanted to cheat - When we first started seeing each other, he was seeing two other women at the same time....more

Without the Internet

Like many Americans, we are going through some tough times.  Because of that we will be losing our Internet access.I'm setting up scheduled posts so please continue to read and enjoy my blog.I will be back....more

More Milestones

Times are tough for a lot of people I know... we are part of that group.  I've always said the key to happiness is gratefullness.  Everyday I wake up and try to face each day with optimisim. ...more

Raising Boys

I find being a mom of boys a HUGE responsibility.  No, I'm not knocking all the wonderful moms of girls.  I just happen to have boys so I'm writing what I know....more

YES, being a mom of boys (5 of them) has it's challenges! I swim in a "testosterocean" EVERYDAY! ...more

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The whole thing with Ed got me thinking of the guys who never knew how I felt about them.  Would I ever come clean with them?  I'm not sure how many crushes I've had but these are the ones that come to mind: ...more

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Dear Diary

I came across some of my old journals.  It was so weird looking through them.  (I know I have tons more somewhere)  I was a really great chick!  I was so confident and smart.  I wrote about wanting Gman in my life.  I also wrote about Ed, a male friend I had at th...more

There Goes Time

I joined an online discussion recently.  A mom's baby was turning 11 and she was surprised at how fast the time went by....more