Toy Story & Other Memories

When our boys were little tykes, we would take turns having one-on-one time with each one. On one of these one-on-ones I took our oldest (5yo at the time) to the drive-in....more

Is the Grass Greener?

I have been a full time stay at home mom. I have been a full time working mom....more

Love and Marriage

Next month Hubby and I will celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary.  Like all marriages, we have had our ups and downs....more


It's amazing how some people are unaware of the negativity they are spewing out into the world.  They have no idea how it effects others around them.  A bad attitude is not good for anyone.  It's a super contagious virus; dark and heavy and eats at your soul....more


Why are people so damn rude? We are all human. We all live, breathe, love, hurt, have hopes and dreams. So why do we have to be cruel to one another?I left a job I loved for a different position because of a cruel woman. Today this other woman was just sooo mean. Do I have a sign on my forehead that I'm unaware of? Does it say, "Be a bitch to me I like it."?We all have personal things we're dealing with. I leave mine at home. I smile, I'm friendly, I'm helpful and kind. I just don't understand why/how people can treat each other with such cruelty....more


I had this really good friend in high school.  We even lived together for awhile.  We were really close, I thought.  ...more

Daily Fight

Taking baby steps is going pretty good. I've joined an awesome online group. I've been honest with myself when tracking calories. I've recently started to tell people of my goal to lose weight or go under the knife. I'm off to a good start....more

Goals for 2010

I lost 9 pounds in the last two weeks of December, 2009. I'm hoping to take that accomplishment and run with it in 2010.I've had a steady weight increase since I gave birth to C. I need to put a stop to that NOW....more


The best thing I’ve ever done with my life is to be a wife and mother to our two boys. All the pretty pictures pass through my mind…the breastfeeding, crawling, walking, first day of school…. Then BOOM! Our oldest is walking up to the podium to give his valedictorian speech. AND BAM! Our youngest is “graduating” from 8th grade. ...more