Attack of the Killer Mousie - I Made a Funny

Here's a little humor for you, a true story from my little life. I made a funny. Or the mousie did. Something like that....more

Father’s Day the Offbeat Way – DIYs & Crafts on HousePunkery (Guest Post)

Come on over to HousePunkery and see my new guest post, full of Father's Day links for the quirky people.Crafts, activities, recipes, and DIY projects for the offbeat father. From gentleman to geek to steampunk, we'll delight the old man. We have collected 27 links of fun schtuff for you to do for Dad. These are all affordable projects with easily accessible supplies....more

June Real Food Monthly Meal Plan from The More With Less Mom

June brings a few holidays, including Father's Day, Hug Your Cat Day, International Fairy Day, and the summer solstice. For us it brings the end of the school year....more

Sweet French Toast for a Crowd Recipe, Plus Two Awesome Tips

French toast is one of our indulgences, it is inexpensive to make and very tasty. We love french toast. We plan to enjoy some for Easter brunch this year....more

March Real Food Monthly Meal Plan


ROAR! Make a Dinosaur Felt Play Mat with DIY Tips and Printable Templates

This Christmas I made several gifts for the little ones in my family. One of the things I made was a felt dinosaur play mat. I kept track of the process so I could share some tips with you, and a PDF set of templates. There are multiple posts for dinosaur play mats out there, but most of the ones with templates are for little ones. I must say mine is nice and big, and the templates make it easy to crank it out. This is how I did my DIY dinosaur felt play mat. ...more
Oooh look! It's meee! I feel all grown up!more