Updates of sorts

Mothers day flowers, my favorite. Smiles from my baby, my favorite. Fishing, my kids' favorite ....more

Oliver is now SIX

A golden birthday. Six on the 6th. Oliver is so smart, quick, and endlessly creative ....more

The Last Week. Much Pictures.

My inlaws were here this week, and we were able to bless our sweet Frederick here at home on Friday night. My sister, Erin and little guy Levi made the trek down from upstate New York to join in the festivities. It was a great, wonderful, busy time.Easter included an egg hunt yesterday with the grandparents and cousin, and then again today, along with an basket hunt, WAYYYYYY too much candy, and no one wanting to eat anything real.Basically, a perfect holiday ....more

Love For The Sixth Baby

Henry and me, nine years ago....more

It's A Long Story

We knew when we found out we were expecting again back in July that this time was going to have to be different. I found a nice OB group and they immediately deemed me "high risk" for various (multiple) reasons. I let go of my homebirth dreams ....more

Frederick Has Arrived

He is here. We are so grateful, he is healthy, beautiful, squishy, sweet--deliciously so, just a joy. We waited for him, prayed for him, hoped for him, feared for him, and worked for him.And it was worth it.God is good ....more

Nesting and Stomach Bugs

You know what is stupid? A compulsion to clean and organize your entire dwelling when you're 37 weeks pregnant. It results in lots of trash bags, lots of neat and clean spaces, and hips that give out at every step ....more

Well, hello

So, it's not that I don't WANT to blog. Honest. It's just that things are so utterly miserable that it seemed silly to write it down ....more

Christmas 2014 and New Years

Oh Christmas! You were great. We had so much fun ....more

Happy Birthday Ezra

We have exited the realm of Ezra as a three year old and entered Ezra as a four year old. Not too much has changed from one day to the next, but a year in rewind makes it clear, Ezra has gone from a toddler to a big preschool sized kid.Ezra continues to love sports, basketball far and away his favorite. He is excited to be on the basketball team for kids his age starting in January ....more