Christmas 2014 and New Years

Oh Christmas! You were great. We had so much fun ....more

Happy Birthday Ezra

We have exited the realm of Ezra as a three year old and entered Ezra as a four year old. Not too much has changed from one day to the next, but a year in rewind makes it clear, Ezra has gone from a toddler to a big preschool sized kid.Ezra continues to love sports, basketball far and away his favorite. He is excited to be on the basketball team for kids his age starting in January ....more

Thanksgiving Extravaganza 2014!!!!

We had a mighty eventful Thanksgiving. Turkey out brining in a bucket in the snow. Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve, the power goes out ....more

Tom Turkey 2014

It's TRADITION. There isn't any way around it.We love Tom Turkey. Thanks to crazy schedules and other things, it took us an extra few days to get him going ....more

Henry's Golden Birthday

Henry turned 9 on the 9th. In THIS house, this means it's his GOLDEN BIRTHDAY. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate ....more

October Wrap Up

I blink and a month has passed. At the same time it takes endless patience (which I lack) to survive each day. Bed time, even on the best of days is met with a sigh of relief ....more

We Love Autumn!

I blink and nearly a month has passed. Hello! Life here is moving along ....more

We Continue To Hope

Things don't always go as planned....more

The Final Hurrah of Summer

We are celebrating the end of summer. Sadly. Summer has been straight up fantastic ....more

Birthday Adventures

With Miriam's birthday yesterday and mine on Tuesday, we decided that an afternoon off on an adventure was definitely in order.Tomorrow is too busy, so Derek played hooky. And we went to Maine. See, when you live in New England, like 13 states are all just a quick drive away ....more