We Continue To Hope

Things don't always go as planned....more

The Final Hurrah of Summer

We are celebrating the end of summer. Sadly. Summer has been straight up fantastic ....more

Birthday Adventures

With Miriam's birthday yesterday and mine on Tuesday, we decided that an afternoon off on an adventure was definitely in order.Tomorrow is too busy, so Derek played hooky. And we went to Maine. See, when you live in New England, like 13 states are all just a quick drive away ....more

And Then She Was Two

Today is Miriam's second birthday. How time does fly.I have so much I want to say, could say about this little girl who has blessed our ...more

Today Spencer is SEVEN

Not much has happened that can be deemed "Blog worthy" around here lately. Just summer, summer, summer. Bbqs, bonfires, swimming parties, days at the lake, lazy days out in the yard, it's been a dream.HOWEVER, August is the month of birthdays, and today was Spencer David's 7th.Yesterday, he wanted to celebrate by going to Chuck E ....more

I'm Walking

It's like I can almost see the way my life WOULD be.I would be huge. So uncomfortable, and so hot. I'd be having contractions all the time, as my uterus would be protesting doing this AGAIN.We'd be preparing for guests, for a new baby ....more

Summer so far...

Summer is in full swing. VERY full swing. It's fun, it's sandy, it's warm and sunny, and thunderstormy, all of the above.My house is a mess ....more

A Catch-Up Post... a Month's Worth

I am grateful for airplanes.Oh so grateful. ^^^Airplane naps! Yay! ...more

In the Waiting Place

You can't imagine how bizarre it is: to have five living children, and yet be hanging out in the "infertility wing" of the OBGYN office....more

Long Time No Blog

Howdy. Derek reminded me kindly that I hadn't blogged in forever. It's NOT MY FAULT ....more