Christmas 2015

We had a lovely, quiet Christmas. We did just a few presents, preferring this year instead to "gift" the kids with a mini-vacation, which we'll take over New Years. We had our good friends, the Semeraus over for dinner, and ate tamales and empanadas until we were full to bursting ....more

Happy Birthday Ezra!

This cute tough boy turned five today. His golden birthday! Five on the fifth ....more

Tom Turkey 2015

It's a rule and a tradition. Tom Turkey makes his debut early in November to help us remember all our blessings. Since Oliver was a wee thing, we've done it, and it's a joy for everyone ....more

Henry: a decade

Our baby boy is ten. I am not sure how this happens, other than that time flies when you're having fun. Henry is now a double-digit-midget.It is a pleasure being Henry's mom ....more

Halloween 2015

Halloween lasted a full three days here. We are all very very tired, and over-sugared. It was a great time really, but tiring.We started our celebrations with story time for the littles with church trunk or treat ....more

Spencer's Baptism Weekend

We had a beautiful weekend. Thursday night my parents showed up, Friday my sister Erin and her little guy Levi came, and then we went adventuring. We drove to Vermont where the Ben and Jerry's factory resides ....more

Why We Limit Screen Time

Well. It seems the trend these days is to not limit screen time for children. "Let them learn to moderate themselves," is the newest parenting battle cry ....more

And now for something completely different

Sometimes you get THREE days into a new school year when you suddenly realize that you've made a terrible mistake. Then you send out panicked texts to your husband, shoot off some emails, and three days later, you drop your three oldest kids of at your local elementary school. Sometimes ....more

For the Love of a Dog

There is a great debate among my siblings and parents: to pet or not to pet. Well. We here on Hagey hill obviously lean on the "keeping pets" side of things ....more

An Ode to Summer

The light is changing.I don't mean that the days are growing shorter, but of course that's true too.No.I mean that as the world starts to tilt and let the southern hemispheres have their days in the sun, our world here is changing. The hazy, glittering light of spring gave way first to robust gold of summer. And now? ...more