Daddy was a pillar in his community. Active in his church, the school bus driver all of the parents trusted, a devoted father and uncle, Daddy was the type of guy that every Father wanted their daughter to marry and every little girl wanted for their own father. Whenever Daddy went into town, he stopped to speak with everybody in the store, smiling and asking about their families. All of the neighboring farmers gathered around the checker board on a hot and dry day, would stop Daddy and ask his advice on growing the corn knee high before the 4th of July. Daddy had the best crops....more

Where does a childless 40 something couple fit in?

As a child I coddled my dolls, changing their diapers and feeding them pretend plastic bottles with what I perceived to be as the "magic" milk inside. As a teenager I rocked a colicky infant to sleep that was in my care for the evening, wondering if my own child would have such brillant blue eyes and chubby cheeks. At our rehearsal dinner, family members joked about whether or not we'd follow the family tradition of naming each first born son after the father who was named after the grandfather who was named after his father, and so on....more