So the summer begins...

Memorial Day. The official start to summer in my mind. At least back in the day before kids and their school schedules dictating the most beloved of seasons. ...more

I Love Him but Here's Exhibit A

This past Saturday we had a million and one things to do. We were hosting 16 girls at a Kids Choice Awards Slumber Party, Molly had soccer practice and Liam had a birthday party. Not to mention we needed to clean the house from top to bottom for the party (missing that cleaning lady yet again). And of course the usual parenting routines of making sure the kids get up, dressed, find soccer clothes and equipment, wrap present and make card, be nice to each other and the dog, say no to drugs and become productive members of society. ...more

All Registered for Summer Camp

This year Molly is going to turn nine and will be old enough for over night camp. We are opting for a 5 night ecologically focused camp. To be honest I don't know who's more excited she or I? ...more

I needed to post on summer camp for the BlogHer cribsheet and your post really inspired me to ...more

The War That Never Ends

I have my sights set. It's a monster I am determined to conquer. I've battled this foe many times in the past and today it stands covered in whites. On other days in the not so distant past I was met with every color of the rainbow. No matter how many times I slay this beast it returns with a vengeance. I will not be deterred in my quest. However, I may be delayed in entering the conflict. I have many pressing responsibilities that pull at my attention. ...more

A Parade of Animals - Ugh!

The other day my dad invited us over for dinner with he and my mom. Dad decided to drive me so that when Steve met us later we'd only have one car. So off I go with Dad driving and my kids in the back seat. First a quick stop at the veterinary clinic to get my parents' oh so cute beagle some medicine. I don't know it yet but I'm about to get a lesson on how eventful a quick stop at the vets can be and I'm not even going to leave the car.  ...more

The Fashion Police

My friend, Kristen, stayed over the other night. We've been BFFs, as the kids say, since we were in 6th grade (pushing on 30 years now). In the morning Kristen, who has no children of her own, becomes a spectator to the Duncan weekday morning routine. She has no idea what she is in for. ...more

My Valentine

Valentine's Day is a day of expressing the love you feel for your sweetheart. With the big day looming this weekend I feel I should introduce you to Steve, my valentine. Gosh, he's a swell husband. He does all the laundry and shopping. Our house is in the finest of repair with no "To Do List" items left unchecked at anytime. He brings me flowers all the time and listens intently whenever I speak. We never argue and I feel blessed at all times. Right?! ...more

Six Year Olds and Basketball

Kindergarten Basketball. If you aren't already feeling your blood pressure rise with just the mere mention of this phrase then you have not had the joy of true Kindergarten Basketball. In our town it is a rec league that runs from December to March. Each team has 10-12 five and six year old children with about 90% boys. Each Saturday for 1 1/2 hours chaos reigns over gymnasiums throughout the town. The poor coaches do their best to teach basketball skills to these beautiful sons and daughters of ours. ...more