Ambivalence About Having Kids Shouldn’t Be Taboo

All my life I have assumed that I would get married and have kids, but I never once had an active urge to make babies. I knew women and men who had always dreamed of the day they could have their own families, and next to them I felt like I was a bad person. Their behaviour, shock at my ambivalence, and society’s influence made me feel like something was wrong with me. I was broken. I was not a good woman....more

Valentine’s Day Is For Men, Too

Valentine’s Day is on Monday and I just want to send a shout out to all the men who enjoy the excuse to celebrate love. All the advertising is aimed at men buying things for women. It’s as if men aren’t allowed to like Valentine’s Day for it’s own sake, but only do it to please their female partners. Is enjoying Valentine’s an unmanly thing to do? Are only wimpy men romantic? I hardly think so. I know men who love the excuse to be romantic. Regardless of what you think of the marketing (it goes overboard, I’m sure) the idea behind Valentine’s Day is a lovely one....more

Daughter Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Dear Madame X, Every year my wife has a fling with Santa Claus. I have no idea how the tradition was started because it predates our relationship. She told me up front when we got together that this was only a once a year thing, and that she was not willing to give it up. I didn’t mind at the time — I thought we’d get better presents. But this year our daughter saw her mommy kissing Santa Claus underneath the Christmas tree last night — and I know she’s confused. What can I tell her?...more

12 Myths And Facts About HIV And AIDS

With today being World AIDS Day it seemed a good time to discuss myths and facts about HIV. In spite of over two decades of research and science there is still a lot of misinformation about HIV. Some of these will be discussed below. Myth 1: You cannot get a test for HIV until 6 months after exposure. Fact 1: Tests are now available at 4 weeks after exposure. These are called Duo tests and look for both the HIV antigen (p24) and antibody....more

HIV Is Women's Business

Unfortunately a lot of people, women especially, don't think they are at risk of HIV infection....more