Knowing When You Need Help

As mothers, it’s so hard to know at what point we need to ask for help. We try to do it all on our own, accepting the husband’s offer to pick up pizza for dinner maybe once a month and only demanding someone else change a flippin’ diaper for a change when we realize we’ve changed literally every.single.diaper for the last four days. Right? ...more

I’m Doing Color Me Rad and There’s Nothing My Kids Can do to Stop Me!

Disclaimer: Color Me Rad asked me to write...more

An Unapologetic Request

For those of you who don’t know, my Body Love colleague and fellow self-care warrior, Sonya Renee Taylor is on a mission. Her project, named The Body is Not an Apology...more

I Hear Voices… but it’s not what you’re thinking

I hear voices. I hear them at night when I’m trying to sleep, when I’m alone in the house after dropping the kids off at daycare, and as I sit here, working on my computer after a long bedtime battle with the toddler. I can’t turn them off ....more

Finding #UnexpectedJoy in Motherhood

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by GiveForward. They’re on a mission to bring #unexpectedjoy to people in need. And I love that ....more

A New Beginning with #TargetWedding (giveaway!!)

#spon: I’m required to disclose a relationship between our site and Target. This could include Target...more

Body Love and a #BootyRevolution

Recently, my fellow Body Love Warrior and musician extraordinaire, Meghan Tonjes, had a picture of her butt removed from Instagram. In case you haven’t heard yet (the story is viral, where have you been?), Meghan posted an Instagram picture of her underwear-covered bottom, something she does on the regular because she is a model Body Love student and loves the heck out of that tushie of hers and can you blame her? The photo was flagged by an Instagram user as being pornographic/mature content ....more

Falling in Love with Blogging Again with BlogHer

You may or may not know this if you’re not a blogger, but doing what we do is hard work! Especially for mothers who are balancing kids, home maintenance (which reminds me I still need to call an electrician), and other work obligations, blogging has a tendency to ebb and flow in sort of a love-hate relationship. For me, blogging is actually a pretty small piece of what I do professionally ....more

Postpartum Anxiety and a Baby Bunny

The afternoon I returned from speaking at the Mom 2.0 Summit, I was exhausted from the trip, the networking and all the brain stretching but feeling refreshed thanks to the much needed break from the kids. We were feeling ambitious and craving sushi (because who...more