Reflection Place

Okay, after my rant about Elizabeth What's-her-name having to go to Bali to find herself (eat,love,pray) I feel sort of silly and a little guilty talking about my reflections. I have a special place to reflect. The place is part of what happened this year. This year has been the best of times and the worst of times. Worst because I needed to quit my job, for health and sanity reasons, and the best because of what's come out of it. This place is one of those things. It's not just my place, I share it with a lot of other family members....more


In all the recent cleaning and re-organizing, I ran across a couple of items I had forgotten I owned. (I forget I have children sometimes too, but it's not the same thing.). One was a dark green glass jar that belonged to my grandmother. I don't know what she used it for, but I'm using it as a sugar container.  It holds enough sugar for 4 days worth of coffee....more

Dinner at 6

Tonight my table is covered in nature's bounty, giving credit to an ephemeral entity.  Almost everything from my garden is represented on the table, bright yellow corn, deep red tomatoes, dark green peppers, lighter green cucumbers and zucchini.  Some might find this way of eating strange- we serve whatever we picked that day....more

Subsidy for sustenance

I think that farmers with backyard gardens and produce stands should be subsidized just like the big farmers.  I like this whole garden-to-table chain, and it looks like it does me more immediate good than waiting for the wheat to turn into bread....more

In search of adventure

My daughters and I went to the movies last night to see "Eat, Pray,Love." We had all read the book, so we knew what to expect to some degree. Julia Roberts did a fabulous job of course, but I found myself feeling the same frustrations as when I read the book.Looking for peace, and one's self, and one's purpose is a leading theme of Gilbert's story....more

Outdoor ownership

My daughter has been visiting the Wichita Wildlife Refuge since she was nine months old. (She'll tell you she remembers that first trip, but don't believe everything an eleven-year old tells you).She been so much she's named all the sculptures in the Visitor's Center. She has not grown tired of trips there; indeed she has grown into a sort of ownership of the place....more

The outdoor legacy

A couple of years ago, everything I received for Mother’s Day was green- green colored, or green-environmentally slanted, or both. One of those things was a t-shirt that read Outdoor Mama. I wore that shirt until it literally fell to pieces. It was so me, as were all the other gifts bestowed upon me by my daughters. ...more

I have nothing to wear!

The post on what to wear to BlogHer 2010 started my thinker.  Since making the jumpt to freelancer, I've noticed I dress up way more than when I drove to my little office down the road....more

Looking for my pigeonhole

Some asked me what kind of blogger I was.  A busy one, I replied.  I don't like to be put into a tiny little slot, it's hard for me to turn around in there.  I do mom blogging, and nature blogging, and lifestyle blogging, sometimes all three rolled into one.  Why must we pigeonhole? How do I decide what criteria to use to classify myself?  I think I'm an omniblogger! Mother Nature...more

Unless you want to. Or call yourself a life blogger. :)

Contributing Editor ...more

I cannot break my contract with myself

  This morning I signed a contract with myself that I will not do anything today that makes me perspire. The trash sits under the sink, the dog has to wait until dark to be fed.  It's 106 degrees with 70% humidity.  I had to swim to the mailbox just to get through the soggy airmass. I will subsist on frozen fruit pops and milkshakes today. Mother Nature