Tips to Survive the Summer Sun

It’s officially the time of year when parents struggle...more

A New England Spring

Spring is generally greeted with welcome relief and happiness no matter where one lives. Who isn’t cheered by the sudden appearance of tulips and daffodils and the wash of tender...more

An Insomniac’s Night

11:04 PM: Oh. It’s later than I thought. I guess I won’t read tonight ....more

The mess, the whole mess, and nothing but the mess

I am many things, but naturally neat and tidy I am not. My habitat quickly matches the chaos of my constantly addled mind. Papers, pens, shoes, discarded children’s socks, toys, and my sunglasses seem to creep like ivy and move … Continue reading → Tags:...more

He wins every time

“Mommy, can we please use your makeup?” “No, kids.” “But please? We asked really nicely. We want to play nicely together.” “That’s sweet, and you did ask nicely ....more

A little crazy is good for them

My mother has more patience for annoying things than your average person. She somehow tunes out what would drive anyone else crazy....more

Letter to my son on his 8th birthday

Every year I write a letter to my kids on their birthday. I hope to one day give each kid a book of these letters – as way of apology and explanation....more

Happy 39th Birthday to me!

Today I turn 39, which sounds very grown-up. I’m now of an age where I’m supposed to fear and resent aging, but I don’t. Sure, my skin isn’t what it used to be, but there’s only one alternative to aging, … Continue reading → Tags:...more

The list that changed my mind

It’s easy to get bogged down in the daily slog of parenting. Every once in a while, though, something happens that shifts your focus enough to see the small person in front of you in a new light. Even if … Continue reading → Tags:...more