5 Cool Valentine's Day Gifts Bloggers Should Ask For

Bloggers are a special breed. (Like you don’t know that already.) When it comes to the perfect gift, we’d pretty much just happy just to have you stumble our posts and retweet our links. But when it comes to Valentine’s Day, something a little more romantic is called for. ...more

I am a sucker for anything with handmade art, especially children's art. There are many more ...more

Getting Published Series: Mominatrix Tackles Old and New Material

When I was approached by a publisher to put together a proposal for my book “The Mominatrix’s Guide to Sex,” they made one thing clear: They didn’t want it to be a collection of my online columns. And really, I understood where they were coming from; there’s no reason for someone to pay for something that they can get for free....more

When I am in the process of writing a novel, I write 1600 words a day -or about four pages - ...more

Flibanserin Thrown Out By FDA: Is There A Cure for a Weak Female Libido?

Thankfully, the combination of visible, outspoken sex-perts, a plethora of accessible resources, and real women sharing their personal stories are helping to change, albeit slowly, the viewpoints on female sexuality. In fact, the most frequent question I receive as sex columnist and sex book author "The Mominatrix" has to do with a waning libido. ...more

...that enhances women's libido, but it's illegal in most states. In the ones where it is legal ...more

How Do You Handle Etiquette When A Facebook Profile Becomes a Job Requirement?

Whether it's because you refuse to friend them or you did something to piss them off in real life, the way to really get people back apparently is to block them on Facebook. I much prefer the old awkward avoidance myself. ...more

I also do not friend people that I work with. I find it creates issues and allows co-workers ...more

To Tell the Truth About Motherhood: That is the Question

It seems as though motherhood has a huge taboo surrounding it, with many new moms walking blindly into what can be a very dark hole. I was always curious why no one warned me. Granted, when I entered motherhood, I only had one mom friend at the time, and I suppose most good friends don't want the scare the crap out of a cute and giggly pregnant woman. But sometimes, I wish she had. ...more

Thank you for putting this out there! I completely agree, and I have been shocked at how ...more

New Mom and Dad Bloggers: Join the Parent Bloggers Network Every Friday for Blog Blasts

If you're looking for a great way to drive traffic and links to your blog, as well as meet new bloggers, win prizes, and the best part, write about some really great topics, then make sure to check out the Parent Blogger Network Blog Blasts every Friday. This week we're teaming up with Discovery Health and their new show, Deliver Me! -- and asking moms to tell us what you wish your girlfriends had told you about motherhood. ...more

The Great BlogHer Photo Hunt

Win prizes for just taking pictures you would have taken anyway -- and meet new bloggers you would have never met before. http://www.blogher.com/node/22252 ...more

Single Mom Bloggers

I'm writing a column based on a question I rc'd from a single mom who needed some dating tips. If you're a single mom with a blog (or know of any) that writes about relationships, please leave a comment! ...more