It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

It seemed like a good idea at the time: I would shake hands with Woody Allen. Twenty years ago, I came thisclose...more

When Mom is sick

Last week two of my three children, and then my husband, came down with a quick-attack stomach bug so virulent it kept taking after there was nothing left to give, if you catch my drift. This added moderate amounts of laundry to my already moderately frantic attempts to pack us all for a looming four-day ski vacation. (Have I mentioned that I don’t like to ski? ...more

The Christmas List Chase

I used to think my husband was the most impossible person in the world to buy for. But no, it’s my eleven-year-old son. Because it’s one thing when you don’t really give a toss whether you have stuff to open on Christmas morning or not ....more

talking to our kids about Paris: because we have to

My second-grader found out about what happened in Paris because I messed up: I left the TV on in my bedroom last Sunday while I took a shower. Five minutes later, I come out with towel-turbaned hair to find her sitting there watching the cable news churn. “Mostly it sounds like ‘blah-blah’ to me,” Maggie said, “but Mommy ....more

Finding the Optimal Push

I’m proud to have an essay published in this month’s New York Family magazine on finding what sports psychologist Larry Lauer calls “the optimal push”: pushing your kids just hard enough to have them reach their full potential. It’s easier said than done, of course, and I certainly don’t have the answers. When I compare myself to other parents– and my kids’ schedules to those of their peers– I can come away feeling both that our house is full of slackers and that I am the awful-est Tiger Mother of all time ....more

breaking my comfortable silence

When the murders in Charleston occurred almost two weeks ago, anyone with a brain in their head did a lot of soul-searching. A lot of bloggers, speakers– people with online platforms, whatever they call themselves–...more

The Songs That Made Me

This month Rolling Stone...more

I thought my kids had outgrown LEGOs. I was wrong.

Once upon a time, my two sons– like most children their ages–...more

join Listen To Your Mother: NYC at Barnes & Noble on Friday May 8th!

If you’re in the NYC area, please join me this Friday night at the Upper West Side Barnes & Noble (82nd and Broadway) for a free reading and signing event to celebrate the new anthology LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER, as part of The Museum of Motherhood’s “Art of Motherhood” reading series. I’m so proud to have been included in this anthology, which makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift (hint hint). I’ll be there with fellow contributors Barbara Patrick, Patty Chang Anker, and Kathy Curto to read our essays and talk a little bit about the writing process in general, and this anthology in particular ....more

momcation: achieving the escape velocity required

No matter which Real Housewives variation...more