Between Fear and Dreams: Birth Wants her Soul Back

I was recently sent a beautiful video of how nurses process their own grief when they've supported families through perinatal loss. The quality of a medical caregiver's presence can be pivotal in helping families who are dealing with grief, and my hats off to those who, with exquisite sensitivity and compassion, make a seemingly impossible path just a little smoother and more light filled. While for the most part the video was a guide to how nurses can move through their own emotions surrounding difficult experiences, it brought up important observations for me....more

A Doula's Blessing for a Beautiful Birth

May your birthing space be prepared in sacredness by those who attend you,as the Grandmothers do.May you climb and surf the mounting peaks with a spirit of adventure,as the Wanderers do.May you surrender to the Dreamtime and gather wisdom from its messages,as the Shamans do.May you roar your fullest Power into being, guided by blessed challenge,as the Warriors do.May you open courageously to the earthbound surge of inexorable manifestation,as the wolves, whales, and bears do....more

Birthing and Parenting:Be Who You Are, Do What You Feel

There are so many "shoulds" when it comes to birthing and parenting. There are so many ideals, many of them conflicting, it is amazing women in the childbearing year aren't walking around with their heads literally spinning....more

When Pregnancy Blows, You're Not a Bad Mom (or Woman)

A lovely client of mine recently made an important observation about the tone of many natural, holistic books on pregnancy and birth. She said, "The statement 'You're pregnant! Congratulations! You are now a sacred vessel of life.' makes me angry. Why is it that the act of carrying a baby is what makes me sacred? Am I not already sacred without the need of a pregnancy to create or justify my sacredness?" Indeed.I believe the intent of the sacred vessel statement is to help women embrace how great it is to be gestating a kid, affirming that they are special, worthy of extra self-nurturing. It's not malicious. However, this belief that pregnancy renders us sacred vessels puts an awful lot of pressure on women to match this projected beatific state with beatific behavior...even when they're just not feeling it....more
I had very, very difficult pregnancies -- and... well, yes. People with easy pregnancies don't ...more

MotherWit Doula Training Toronto January 2012

I am so pleased to have been invited to teach the MotherWit Birth Doula Training Intensive in downtown Toronto!...more

"You Have To Be One Tough Bitch to Be a Doula"

...This is the learning my recent students took most to heart.......more

Tools for Change in Birth: Grace, Love, and Healing

"...{Grace} is energy infused with a force greater than our own, a divine intention. When it arrives-usually unannounced or unrequested 'out of the blue' - it fills you with a luminous awareness that is different from everyday consciousness; it makes you come alive with vision and determination and the strength to act." -Caroline Myss ...more

How Medical Professionals Can Improve Birth Experiences

While we have many benefits to our maternity care system, even medical practitioners will tell you that there are also many flaws....more

The Birth of Finn

June 19th is a beautiful day...the day my baby boy was born. He has been my baby for five years. As an experienced doula, I receive a lot of curious questions about how I give birth. When you’re labouring, you cease to be anything but a birthing woman, dancing with the intensity of the experience, same as everyone else. I practice what I preach: I take yoga classes and have doulas at my own births. I have always suspected I would have four children....more

Control and the Birthing Process

I think it is so important to know how little control we have over the birth process, as birthing women and as doulas. It hurts a little every time to have this lesson driven home. I think there is a secret belief that if we do everything right, like provide the correct support, use the correct remedies, say the magic words, we will be granted with our clients' births going wonderfully. We go around wondering "why?" when an outcome is not as we'd wanted, and fall into the pattern of wondering if there was anything else we could have done....more