What I Learned from Irene & Billy-Joe-Bob

Well.  We made it through Hurricane Irene.  Our city looks like a war zone.  The damage is horrendous.  Had no idea.  The university here has shut down. {Universities usually don't shut down--unless the chancellor can't walk across the street from his house to his office.}...more

Are You Ready to Ride the Wave?

There have been many articles lately by top business authorities acknowledging how wise it is to start a business now while all the economic turmoil spins about. Looking through history these are the times that the most prosperous and successful businesses begin. So many people wait until "things appear optimum" and "good times" arrive----this is quite often a mistake....more

After completing my master's degree, it was the worst time to be looking for a job. I had ...more

20 Years Later.......

Being involved with teaching dance to young children brings back all of the wonderful memories of when I was that age and learning to dance. 20 years later, the skills and simple techniques that I learned at that young age are still useful for me today. The other day while my hands were full of groceries, I balanced a 12-pack of diet cokes on my leg while I fished my keys out of my purse to open my car door. The balancing act was entertaining for the people around me, I'm sure, but I was proud of myself for making it work. I didn't drop a thing!...more