Will I Be Eating Cat Food When I'm 80?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I find myself worried about finances all of the time lately. We're doing okay, but it seems like we just keep getting bill after bill and our savings never goes up. ...more
If you are a compulsive spender go to Debtors Anonymous and work that program consistently.more

Why Is My Creepy Neighbor Texting Me?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My family is on friendly terms with our next-door neighbors and has been for a few years. However, the husband of the family has recently started sending me texts. Nothing too weird, things like, "How is your day?" and "Love this weather!" but I find it really strange. I don't know if he's hitting on me or what. I feel like if I confront him on it, I might be really embarrassed when he says he's just friendly. However, I would like it to stop. Advice?Signed,Stop Texting Me...more
allison.arnone I agree with you, it's weird and he shouldn't be texting her, good intentions or not.more

Don't You Question How Much Weight I've Gained, Lady

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My mother-in-law keeps asking me how much weight I've gained during my pregnancy. I have dodged the question, but I know it will come up again. My MIL is quite proud that she only gained 15 pounds during her pregnancy, which is insane. If I tell her how much I've gained, I know she is going to make me feel like I've put on too much weight. Plus, it's none of her business! I wouldn't mind if a close friend or sister asked, but it feels invasive coming from my mother-in-law. How do I politely avoid answering this question?...more
It's no one's business. I gained 56 lbs when pregnant with my twins. 56! What. But my co-worker ...more

Can I Leave My Dog's Poop in My Neighbor's Garbage?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,Whenever I take my dog for a walk, he inevitably poops after about 10 minutes....more
BlogHerFamily No! That's disgusting!more

Do You Invite the Whole Class to Your Kid's Birthday Party?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,So what's the etiquette on birthday parties? Do you have to invite your kid's whole class? Or can you just invite your child's close friends? We are new to the area. I don't want to piss people off before we have even gotten settled, but we don't have limitless resources.Signed,No Birthday Drama MamaImage: Phalinn Ooi via Flickr Creative Commons...more
Tough call. I was one of the kids that was regularly not invited to birthday parties, mostly ...more

My Neighbor's Decorations Are Ruining My Christmas

Dear Mouthy Housewives,One of my neighbors really loves Christmas. Like, really, really, really loves Christmas. ...more
Take the Grinch stick out of your bum! It's Christmas, who cares if she has a ton of ...more

How Do You Tip As A Holiday Gift?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, What's the rule of thumb on tipping for the holidays? I feel like I get so overwhelmed and then just empty out my bank account for anyone who asks. I’m on a budget but want to be generous. Help! Signed,Tipping Tina Dear Tipping Tina, ...more

When Your Kids Don't Need More Stuff This Holiday Season

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I can't get motivated for Christmas shopping this year. My kids have so much stuff already. I know I can make a donation in their names instead, but I'm not sure my teens will appreciate it. What should I do? Signed,Drowning in Too Much Stuff _____________________________________ Dear Too Much Stuff, ...more
Well said! This year our family has forgone the gifts and instead we met in Florida.. It's what ...more

Facebook Is Destroying Christmas for Me

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I am so sick of reading posts on Facebook like, "I've already finished my Christmas shopping! Gifts are all wrapped, too!" It's not even DECEMBER yet. What's with all the bragging about getting the holiday crap done before Thanksgiving is even over? I know Facebook is all about self-promotion, but this feels like too much. I would leave FB once and for all, but I like to stay in touch with friends and family. Any advice on not letting the eager beavers get me down? Signed,Shove It, Showoffs ...more
ShantelCassity You are kidding, right? Take a note from their book? Really???!more

Dear Other Room Mother: Your List Drives Me Nuts

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My co-room mom for my daughter's first grade class is really high-energy. I'm glad she's not a slacker, but she is making me crazy with all her emails and texts! ...more
Marinka always makes me laugh. I love her.more