My Life in Letters - "N" is for New York

Junior year NY trip - Little Shop of Horrors and yes those are jelly shoes!!!...more

Five Things Friday - Why I'm Not the Other Michelle McGee

With all the recent hoopla over Jesse James and his mistress, my doppleganger, Michelle McGee, I’ve been getting quite a few mails questioning my moral virtue.  I am  here to assure you that, although I share Ms. McGee’s name, that is all I share with her.  Here are 5 reasons I am not the other Michelle McGee....more

My Life in Letters - "L" is for Libra

This is my testosterone-laden life

This is my testosterone-laden life A screen shot of one page of my iPhone - these are not your Momma's apps!...more

Given that he's married to me, a girl, and we have 5 daughters. And a girl dog.

Poor guy. ...more


The comment made by a doctor of all people made me angry too, people can be so thoughtless. I'm ...more

My Life in Letters - "J" is for Jayshri

Jayshri Chavan-Valu...more

Five Things Friday - When I was a Kid...

50 years ago the old folks were talking about how spoiled the kids were as well.  Such ...more

It's Momma-Time

 Something interesting happened when I had kids. I got lost. Not the black- smoke-will-kick-my-ass kind of Lost, but the I-know-I-used-to-be-in-here- somewhere kind of lost. I look in the mirror and I can see myself on the outside, proof that I do, in fact, exist. I just can’t seem to find the “myself” on the inside some days. ...more