One Phone Call From Our Knees: What I Learned about Stroke

 There's this song on the radio "Closer to Love" about how we're all one phone call from our knees. We all know it. Why would anyone sing about it?   A few weeks ago on a Wednesday, I was at work when I got a phone call from my brother Matt. Dad had had a minor stroke Tuesday night, but everything was okay. He'd been out in Vancouver on business....more

Share what you've learned from your experience. What are some other ideas to help our parents ...more

Skinny Jeans Are a State of Mind: Fitness Inspiration for the New Year

The new year is a time to turn our thoughts to fitness and renewal. There’s fresh hope that this will be the year we look our best. Sadly, the older we get the fewer calories it takes to run our bodies—making this goal all the less likely. So here’s a New Year choice: Give it up now and save on the gym membership....more

I love this post! It sounds like you are doing awesome! I'm not as brave as you with the half ...more

If They are Just Wearing Underwear is it Really a Fashion Show?

No. It's not really a fashion show if they are only wearing underwear and wings. Must be sweeps week. I was talking at work with my friends and co-workers Ann and Mark. I think there is something very powerful in read more at   Best, Margee  Blogger at and author of the iPhone app, Sleeping With the Laundry: Notes from the Mommy Track,...more

Posting travel tips from the road. Got any family time tips to pass the time

Traveling with kids for the holidays? ImPostinG hourly tips from the road on Join me for real tips from the trenches. Or just be glad you are not me. We've got 5.5 hours to go over the river and through the woods. traveling    Best, Margee  Blogger at and author of the iPhone app, Sleeping With the Laundry: Notes from the Mommy Track, ...more





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Admit it. Are there Glee Songs on Your iPod? Here's my Journey into Gleekdom

 The start of the holiday season is a perfect time to get out with the family to see a play or take in a musical. Plus, it’s also the time of year for the relentless pursuit of gift ideas. Soundtracks or DVDs of your favorite shows are tailor made to stuff stockings, for the kids, the husband—or maybe even yourself. ...more

I love GLEE. I love it because it brings back all that high school angst that I can view from ...more

The True Meaning of Halloween (No, It's Not About the Candy)

 Halloween's coming! In celebration of one of my favorite holiday's here's an excerpt from my book app, Sleeping With the Laundry: Notes from the Mommy Track:The True Meaning of HalloweenIt has taken all of my thirty-something years on this earth plus the birth of my first child to realize that Halloween is not about candy....more

This year I'm saving money by talking the kids into homemade costumes. A witch is simply a black ...more

Market Like a Mother: 5 Steps for Successful Social Media Blogger Outreach

Moms do a lot of things right. We develop networks of friends to help us in a pinch. We shift though countless options for our kids (soccer, piano, or underwater basket weaving) and choose with laser sharpness. And we work efficiently to run our homes, nurture our children and make sure everyone is having a good time with rich experiences. Marketing like a mother (or father) is about marketing in a way that comes naturally to us as friends and caregivers. To market effectively we need to market authentically....more

Like Freebies? Today is Free App Friday from MomsWithApps. Download Sleeping With the Laundry ...more

Say Goodbye to the Are-We-There-Yet Blues: 3 Book Tips for Traveling with Kids

Sure videos are great for traveling with kids, but there's nothing like a shared story to help create some  family memories....more

We're headed out next week and I'm not finding any good picks. What are some good family ...more

Got a Money-Saving Disney or Travel Tip? Disney Magic Idea and Tip!

 We're getting ready to head to Disney World with our 7-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son. It's our first time going--ever! So I'm gathering the scoop from my mom network of friends. Everyone (except me) has been to Disney and has tips to share. Restaurants to frequent. Rides to skip or ones worth the wait. Strategies. Disney books....more

Downtown Disney is free, and you can buy all the souvenirs you want there, eliminating the need ...more

Things to Feel Good About Today: I'm Not Cigarette Smoking Baby's Mom

 I'm a health writer for my day job, so I keep tabs on the health news. Yesterday the sensation was "Butt Smoking Baby." That is, "Cigarette Butt Smoking Baby." Not sure the author of the first news service article I read passed headline writing class. Sadly, the Sumatran toddler is shown smoking a cigarette in a video that was posted on You Tube. While the video is progressing there is the sound of cameras clicking away. It seems the Cigarette smoking baby is a tourist attraction of sorts. This has sparked international outrage....more





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