Parenting Thoughts from a Non-Parent

Here's an interesting quote I came across in my back-to-school research: "What good are straight teeth and trumpet lessons to the child who isn't awake to the wonder that this world is charged with?"...more

Knitting Tutorials for Beginniners

Back when I was in high school, I took this class called Advanced Project Exploration. The purpose of the class was to help gifted students use their giftedness to explore areas in which they were interested. My dad was in charge of creating this class as curriculum director. So, I'm not really sure if I was actually gifted or if I had to be in the class because my dad created it. We'll go with me being gifted. Anyways, I chose to teach myself how to knit as one of my projects....more

3 Simple Laundry Tips

For some reason I always end up ruining my "cool" clothes. I'm not very stylish. Every time I buy something that approaches being stylish, I ruin it. Well, "ruin" is a relative term...especially since the advent of blogging and Pinterest.So, I decided I was not going to end up trashing the few "cool" clothes I had just because I had "ruined" them somehow. I hopped on the Internet and decided there had to be a way to rescue my poor articles of clothing. Here's what I found. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me!...more

Longwood Gardens

My husband was working all day on my birthday this year. To make up for my lonely day he took me to a local arboretum called Longwood Gardens the day after my birthday. The gardens were developed by Pierre du Pont in 1907. Pierre du Pont is part of the du Pont family that started the Du Pont corporation that specializes in scientific innovations and whatnot. You've probably seen the logo on something related to cars or trucks before....more

There is No Way You'll Ever Be Busier Than Me!

I may have blogged about this before. I most likely have because it's both my biggest pet peeve and my biggest struggle. Kinda funny how my biggest pet peeve is also one of my biggest struggles.Back when I was in high school, I was muttering to my friends that I wanted an after-school National Honor Society meeting to hurry up because I was supposed to leave right away to go to a surprise party about an hour and a half away. I didn't want to be late because I desperately didn't want to spoil the surprise. Everyone hates a surprise-spoiler....more

Maintaining Community

"Community" is currently a buzzword in Christianity. We are constantly encouraged to fellowship with other believers and to build relationships and to share our struggles and to bear one another's burdens and to open our homes and to go out to eat with friends and to send cards and to make phones calls and the list goes on and on. Just thinking about it makes me squeamish. I'm really not a people person. When I was a little girl, I would beg my mom to send away the neighbors who were asking to play with me. I didn't want to have to play the way someone else wanted to play....more

Consider The Lilies

Lately I've been worrying my self sick (yes, literally sick) over a situation. I worry that I failed in so many aspects in this particular situation and my punishment is going to be swift and painful. The thing is, God is working this situation out above what I ever expected. And I'm throwing it all right back in his face with my worry. It's like I want to be miserable....more

Changing Perspectives

I currently have a lot of faulty perspectives in my life. I tend to imagine situations that don't/won't exist. I tend to think my house is too messy to ever get cleaned. I tend to think I need to watch as much TV as I can possibly cram into the few hours of free time I have in the evening. I tend to think leaving a restaurant without being stuffed is a waste of money. I tend to think everyone is laughing at how ridiculous I am/look....more

It's the Getting Up and Moving Part That Stinks

My spring break is over. It was glorious. This morning I woke up multiple times wanting to throw up before my alarm went off . No, I'm neither sick nor pregnant (I always have to clarify that). I've just been dreading going to work lately. It's not that I work in a miserable environment. In fact, it's a pretty good environment. I just keep conjuring up these impossible situations in my head. Once I got in my classroom and started chatting with my students, I was completely calm and remembered why I enjoyed teaching. It's the getting up and moving part that stinks....more

Weight Watcher's Progress, Week 1

Well, this morning was my weigh-in morning. I officially lost 1.6 pounds this week. I know that number would make someone on the Biggest Loser burst into tears or even get booted off because it is so small. But, the healthiest way to lose weight is a little at a time. So I'm pretty happy with it. I have gained weight the first week in the past, so I'll take this number. I did really well. I need to cut back on my breakfast, and some of my snacks need to be lower point snacks. Yesterday I had 58 points saved up for a party. I definitely didn't use all of them....more
Yeaa for you!  Sounds like a winning plan. The blogging really helps in the accountability part, ...more